Who will win the world cup ?

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Okay apparently EVERYONE is crazily waiting for the FIFA World Cup right now. Everyone is blogging about it, TV is airing ads about it, all the football fans around the world, anticipating.
In fact its only 25 days away, LESS THAN A MONTH !

There's one question in everybody's mind right now.


Got so many teams leh ! Choosing one would be really hard
but personally, I think England will win.
Just like the previous Project Alpha post, I just have THE feeling.
They have all those very fehmas players like Wayne Rooney and my they have that Italian coach. (sorry if my info got problem cos I'm not that much of a football fan)
funny ah, how come that Italian coach dont want go coach the Italy team leh?

I wanted to choose Brazil cos it sounds cool and my first impression towards it was really good and it stuck to me till now but England has a higher chance of winning i think :)

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Who do you think will win ? Comment below ! :D
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