Friday, May 14

Thomas Cup semi-finals

Most Malaysians would be sitting in front of the TV at 7 just now watching Thomas Cup hoping Lee Chong Wei would pwn LinDan badly this time.
But just like in the Olympics, Chong Wei lost.
Before that, I would like to state that I totally love my country and I am normally very patriotic but..... I'm with LinDan :D
So if you hate LinDan and would throw a tantrum whenever someone talks about him like eugene tang :P then you better not read on.

I've been his fan since the Olympics and had never stopped loving him. Before the match I had 100% confidence in LinDan.
I even had a bet with my mum, if LinDan wins, she'll have to lose 1kg but if Chong Wei wins I have to go on diet and I even bet 5 peanut cookies with Chee that LinDan will win.
Just like I expected LinDan won :)

If you read my blog, you would know that I look at handsome people alot. Not that I'm a pervert but I just appreciate good looking people :D
so now that LinDan has won, I can once a gain prove my theory that


Okay seriously if I continue talking about LinDan i'll be slaughtered at school, chased around the house 100 times by my brother and prolly will be ignored by a lot of people.
Sorry for being so unpatriotic today but what can I do ? :)

omg omg omg omg did you see LinDan's little dance after his victory? omfg hot.

I'm seriously stopping now :X

Like it ? it :)


kenwooi said...

LOL.. one reason why china won.. indirect supporters =P

SonnyKazu said...

another reason: He's got magic! :D

geNe said...

haiz. lindan is good looking for sure. but he's way too cocky. i'd nothing against good looking ppl nor china, but i just hate cocky ppl.
dat dance is really insulting. ;-P