Thursday, May 20


I know I should be studying my Accounts and stuff.
Please blame Eugene Tang for showing me the world's most disgusting thing.

Okay, so before this I blogged about a stalker on facebook.
He's this guy in school who's from the last class, has pimples all over his face, mouth never closes, constantly drools and i think he has a little mental problem.
He walks around aimlessly in school, tall, skinny and i know i shouldn't be saying this but, ugly.
I'm sorry I'm being so mean but he's SO ANNOYING.
If you haven't read about him, you can read it here -

That day at school he purposely came near to me and I totally scolded him and told him to go away LOL so mean of me but what to do.
It would be REALLY obvious that I don't know him and I don't want ANYTHING to do with him but this guy just DOESNT GIVE UP.

Update : If you think I'm mean, then too bad I AM mean :P and, how would you feel if someone is stalking you even if he knows you don't like it ? If he doesn't respect me, why should I respect him ? :)
Like it ?


Anonymous said...

i have the exact same comment for u as the one i posted in your prev post:

even if he really creeps u out, can u at least privatize his identity, rather than blast it out on your blog, which is so damn public?

Shuwen said...

haha im sorry, but i AM a mean person and plus, he's not really mentally retarded, he talks normally and he should know its not a nice thing to write stuff like that on facebook and also, I wouldn't know if everyone wasn't telling me about it. HE was posting it on public himself. so yeah :) If he doesnt care how i feel, i don't care how he feels either.

Vin Tsen Gan said...
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Anonymous said...

still. you are being real childish, exposing his identity, calling him names, and so on. u wouldn't want anyone to do it to u, and i believe u wouldn't want anyone to do it to someone u care so please don't do it. just an advice from someone elder :p

Shuwen said...

@vin Tsen HAHA but i don't randomly post pictures of people i stalk right!
@anonymous thanks for the advice :) I appreciate your kind advice, but if I did stalk someone like that, I wouldn't care if they talked behind my back. even if i didnt blog about it, its still public. He posted on facebook and everyone is seeing it. LOL

Lukey Cher Hong said...

shoot him shoot him!

Anonymous said...

childish. it's okay i guess. i was once your age.

Eugene said...

Anonymous... can't agree with you more. what a childish girl haha.. (u got blasted shuwen xD)

ohmywtf said...

aiya...if he is handsome..then its a total different story lor :-P

Shuwen said...

@lukey HAHA so mean !
@anonymous :) yeah i should be acting my age and be as childish as i want. I'm amazed at how matured you can be :)
@eugene WHAT. your fault la ! show me.

Anonymous said...

don't really appreciate your sarcasm. grow up -_-

Eugene said...

haha.. JK la.

Anonymous said...

SHOW YOURSELF ANONYMOUS. you're so mature that you can give advice to ppl. nobody ask for your advice , so just shut up and go away troublemaker

btw, i cant show myself cause i dont have google acc. do you know you sound retarded?

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Fuyoh, catfight.