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There's facebook, sejarah textbook and now, there's Spambook
What the hell is spambook ?

Well visit here if you haven't ! SPAMBOOK
Spamming people's wall since 2010.

what ! thats this year !
and yes it started this year and guess what ? FACEBOOK FIXED IT.
If you still don't know what spambook is, its the world's second most annoying thing. RIGHT BEHIND THE ANNOYING ORANGE

Apparently, this bunch of people found it amusing to create groups with REALLY LONG names for people to like on facebook and when i say really long, i MEAN really long.
Just look at these screenshots.
I've seriously never seen people THIS bored.
He freaking counted from 1 to 20,000. I've never even counted to 1,000 in my whole life before let alone count to 20,000 type it out and paste it up there.
I bet he used REAL long to type all this cos it took me REAL long to scroll till the end.
Since you guys have SO much time to waste, go save dying African kids or save old ladies from handbag snatchers la ! Create rubbish waste people's time scrolling for what ? D:

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