Saddest thing that could ever happen to a girl.

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I used to think, the saddest things that could ever happen to a girl is

- She gets pregnant at a young age and has no idea who her husband is.
- She has an abusive husband
- Wants a divorce with her husband but can't because they have a child.
- Husband cheats and never comes home.

I thought those were there  saddest thing that can happen to a girl.
But recently there are many things going on, including the people around me,
more and more cheater husbands, more and more broken marriages.
I also read the chicken soup books that my sister collected and it really changed my thinking.

Whats so sad about your husband cheating on you ?

So what if you married the wrong husband ?
When you totally obeys her abusive husband,
When you aborts/throws away her baby just cos you're accidentally pregnant
When you whole life is just waiting at home for her husband to come home when her husband is out there with some other girl.
That. is sad.

Girls should stand up for their own rights.
Many people think that, if they treat their husbands better, he'll return to their sides.
If they obey, things will go out right.

Bullshit much

No matter how much you love a person, if that person has totally no respect for you, he's not worth it and you shouldn't be sitting at home wasting your time being nice to him because he'll not be grateful and he'll never appreciate you.

So seriously, if you've given enough chances to a guy who has cheated on you and he doesn't take your chances seriously, then its time to let him go.
Don't be all broken down cos your husband doesn't want you.
Go out to the world, do something for the community. The world does not revolve around your marriage or your husband. If he doesn't appreciate you, then be it.
There's plenty more African kids for  you to care of than a husband who beats you up / sleeps with his girlfriend more than he actually sleep with you.

The saddest thing that can ever happen to a girl is when she gives up on herself.

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