Random : Post it notes

by - 2:05:00 PM

This is a random post.
I totally cannot live without post it notes.

 It reminds me to study, which i never do

 It tells me to exercise

I write things on it, which I would probably be asking 'what did i write this for?' 10 minutes later.

and also, it reminds me about handsome people's birthdays :) 
Like prince charming's 

LOL gosh im too bored, but you know what. I have tons of other things to do, just that i'm too lazy to do them. School had been hectic recently. 
I've been skipping class everyday and i'm missing out alot on my physics, bio ETC.
So anyway, theres this guy in school who's jaw droppingly handsome :)
No kid ! Even my mum says so. He was on his motorcycle and he passed by my car and I just pointed out to mum and mum says he has a sharp nose :)
Most of the girls in my class, and also the form threes  had noticed him.
In fact most of the girls are crazy over him.
Today everyone was like waiting at the class window just to see him walk into the school gates. DESPERATE MUCH. But if you see him you'll probably be desperate too
Everyone calls him bai ma wang zi, which means white horsed prince. LOL
cos he's white, and has a black motorcycle. omg.
I think i should just go take my shower now and actually study my biology.
If you read this, you've probably wasted like.. 10 minutes of your life.
Which is also the point of this post.

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