Wednesday, May 5


I've been blogging since I was standard 6. Which is like 4 years ago. I know its like superrr long, but before this I was actually just typing, not  blogging.
I started typing cos.. I like typing, i dont know why but i just do and in addition to that, my brother and sister both got themselves a blog, so yeah i did too ! :)
I did not put my heart into my blog, instead, like most of my school friends, dumped my blog and left it not updated for a really long time.

Alot of pretty kaypoh aunties read my blog, and once, there was this someone who complained to my dad that my english grammar sucked.
I got a serious lecture from dad (wth, at least i always get the highest score in english in my class what !) and at one point decided to just close down this thing called a blog but I'm pretty glad I didn't. What kept me going was actually HTML but I got sien of it after a while
You shall now classify me as weird, I talk to my dog, I like typing, and I like looking at codes and figuring out what it means. *face palm*

When I got to secondary, I blogged to scold people on my blog LOL.
Seriously, there was this girl whom I hated when i was in form 1 and I totally trashed her on my blog. She complained to my moral teacher because we were studying about CYBER ABUSE.
Then when my first boyfriend cheated on me, I trashed him on my blog, whichhhh gained me a lot of readers LOL which was good.
Then I trashed talk bout the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with.
I'm sorry I was young and childish.

There was even aunties who told my mum I tell everyone EVERYTHING on my blog. Aunties really really need something better to do.

All these obstacles did not make me want to stop blogging, in fact I want to blog more because of 
If aunties think I tell everyone everything, then be it. She'll just spread rumours bout my blog and people will come to visit to see if its true or not and i'll gain more readers wtf.
I started blogging cos of money, I didn't have much readers then and I wasn't very active

But now, I blog because I get to meet awesome people and I like it when people share opinions through comments :) I blog because I seriously WANT to blog, WANT to share, and because I love my blog, and myself LOL :)

Now after the years of blogging,

 Grand total of RM 100.75
I know its not a very big sum of money and people check out like.. thrice a year or something and they can get this amount in like a few months but wth ! i'm very proud of myself :) For not giving up on my dreams and also my blog.

p/s : Look to your right, I've added a new widget on my blog and you can ask me anything you like :) I promise i'll answer honestly :D


Esther said...

:) nice... i like this post... especially the auntie part because it is true at some point.

SonnyKazu said...

Congrats! You've done it! :D

Btw, try not to dump people you hate on your blog, remember karma man! They will bite your @ss back if they sees this... xDD

jfook said...

Wow, keep up your good work!

Hilda Milda said...


hazman aka species1980 said...

Congrat to u .....Good3x

kisahsensasi said...

Yeah.... good job... keep on blogging...

kisahremaja said...

What a lucky cheque wif ur own name...

elynn-p :] said...

how long have u been a nuffnangers?

Vin Tsen Gan said...


Kristy Anne Nunis said...

great job, Shu Wen :D

Shuwen said...

Thank you guys :)
@sonnykazu I stopped trashing about people ! :D
@elynn ps, quite long already XD but i wasn't active until last year.
@vin Tsen Gan HAHA I bet you stay somewhere faaar from me, you sure you want to drive all the way for lunch ? XD
@kristy thanks ! Its shuwen btw :)

Tobietail said...

Congratulations!! =)