Sunday, May 2

The dog who tried to be a cat

Today I woke up for church, and as usual I go out to talk to my dog. I know not a lot of people do that, in fact WHO TALKS TO THEIR DOGS ?! well me.
Okay so, I found my dog under the car with this thing sticking out of its mouth. It looked like a wire, yet looked like a leaf.

I was going to remove it from his mouth when i found out it was..


Thats like the 2nd most disgusting thing on my list of disgusting things and when dad removed it the hind legs were still hanging on the tail.
But what I feared most wasn't the tail coming alive and climbing all over me.
Mum left rat poison at the back of the house. I was afraid the rat ate it and sort of died halfway and my dog brought it back to its cage.
If my dog swallows a poisoned rat, he'll be poisoned and thus he'll die.

This is peanut, he's only 3kgs and today he tried to be a cat.

Which nearly got him killed

He would always wait for me outside the door with his head tilt to a side

He's the most adorable dog i've ever had, and I love him like my very own baby.

Lets hope the rat didn't eat the poison and it was my dog very pro can catch rats.

p/s: Does anyone know how to burn calf and thigh fats without it turning into muscle ? :( Jogging doesn't really make my thighs smaller, instead now its full of muscle.


ohmywtf said...

aiyo ur poodle damn cute la..i also have one :-))

Glo-w~* said...

try yoga?

Shuwen said...

@wtf i thought you had a cat ? haha :)
@glo-w does that help ? hmmm, im gonna try some other time XD

kRaZy said...

some dogs do hunt for rats too =)

thomas said...

at a glance it looks like a doll.

Xiaopei said...

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Adorable eh!

Chili Crab said...

I thought it was a plush toy at first. It looks so fake! Hate u for having such a cute dog. lol.

Jinx Joey said...

omg. it's so ccuuuutttee and cuuuudddlllyy.. =3=