Thursday, May 27

Mummy where are you ?

Mummy where are you ?
I've waited all night long.
Waiting for you to come back,
to sing me my favorite song.

Mummy where are you ?
It's been days and I'm starving
Its cold and I'm shivering,
but here I am, still waiting.

Mummy where are you ?
Its been years since you left me,
I've grown bigger, stronger and bolder,
but here i am.... still waiting.

Mummy where are you ?
shu 27/05/10 '

Many people out there are starving, many people are suffering when we're leading perfectly normal lifes. Not just humans, but also animals.
We waste money like its supposed to be wasted. We buy cute and unnecessary things to pamper ourselves, reload credit just to finish it in a day texting 'Hey i'm bored' to everyone, misscalling people just for fun, but look at these kids in the video. What do they have ?

I was thinking of a little puppy I saw last night near a market place when i wrote this poem. It was skinny and hiding under a car. I wanted to bring him home but I've tried saving stray dogs and got real sick myself so I left it there.

This is what happens when you have too much time after modern maths paper :D
Why do we need 2 and a half hours for 16 questions anyway ?


FiSh said...

hahas. modern math is too easy? xD

jfook said...

Modern Maths really sap sap water. Hahaha

kenwooi said...

i loved modern maths and add maths when i was in high school =)

Shuwen said...

haha ! funny la you all commenting on the one sentence and not the whole post XD yup yup, modmaths was easy but addmaths is harddd :(

Vin Tsen Gan said...

OH yeah, I used to finish modern maths in 20 minutes and spend the rest of the time counting my nose hair.

And, about the post, its really touching. I used to write poems but thats history XD

John said...


ohmywtf said...

sometimes we really take things for granted la