Wednesday, May 12

Multimedia Designer

That is what I want to be some day :)

Today there was this education fair at school and all the form 4s and 5s went. It was pretty cool. For ONE second, when talking to the guy from One Academy, I wanted to study in Malaysia cos.. idk, i was talking to a Malaysian who's telling me how great the design courses were ! Then I thought again... oh wtf, i forgot the world is much bigger than just One Academy.
There was this guy from Inti and this guy from One Academy and they confuse me, cos both of them say their courses are better.

The guy from Inti laughed at me when I told him I use photoshop to design my school magazine. *face palm* I know, very funny, people canggih canggih use Illustrator or Indesign to design their magazines while i'm using photoshop. wtff.
but OMG the brochures were so convincing ! Its either Graphic Desgining memang so fun, or those people who drew those stuff are crazily pro.

I always wanted to do digital art, design something on the computer and stuff like that, but i don't have the confidence to pick up a pencil and draw something because I don't think I've ever got an A in arts before. All my homework during art classes were done by that kid who i bully everyday.
I've seen a lot of bloggers who are graphic designers and I really am interested. I even thought of picking up art class but I suck real bad in drawing with pencil. Everytime I meet a designer, the first thing i ask is, "do designers REALLY have to draw with pencil ?"
I get numerous answers. Some say yes, some say no, some say maybe. SO WHICH ONE ?!
The guy from One Academy said if i can't draw with pencil, i should stop dreaming of being a graphic designer. wtf break my heart and that is why i want to take up art classes.

Mum's first reaction was 'multimedia, you mean sit in front of the computer whole day ar ?' Oh well, practically everyone thinks that without science you're a failure. Serious.

You must be asking why I chose pure science in school when I want to be a designer. Well the reason is simple.  In this world, you either look down on people, or you get looked down.
When you go into art class, people label you as rotten. They think only people who can't get into pure science study art.  Without studying science you'll never survive in society. Thats what they said and plus, all my friends went into pure science.
So here i am, in pure science, studying physics and biology when I've never once thought about studying science/maths in future.

I want to know more bout designing ! :) So if any of you readers happen to study some designing courses, don't forget to drop a comment !

and beeteedoubleyou zomg I'm looking throught the brochures like looking through a recipe book. I'm practically drooling over all the digital paintings.

p/s : Exams are around the corner. Won't be updating much but please don't stop coming back ! :) haha I love you readers and you all know kan ? So don't abandon my blog k ? xoxo


Zhu said...

haha i actually thought of multimedia design too before. raffles is pretty good too if you're interested. there was a brochure i took from the fair and i chucked it in the eb room. dunno if it's still there.

oh btw, there's a raffles college of design here in sydney! hehe what are the chances of you coming here? :P

Shuwen said...

chances are... not really big XD we'll see next year :P haha i wanna gooooo XD

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

wow! the Once academy is not bad la, my friend studying there also, he loves designing a lot! ^^

jumei. said...

Hey Shuwen !

To be frank, I used to dream of becoming a graphics design, thinking it would be so damn awesome to design ads and such. But then, I stopped dreaming to become one.

Art class was my option too but people behind me were saying, only rotten people go there. Poof goes my plan.

And now, I'm dying in Science Class.

kenwooi said...

well.. the internet is a big place to start learning.. there are lots of tutorials and guides, and it's good to learn something new from it..

besides that, multimedia designing needs creativity as well.. no matter how good one is at using designing software, but if he/she doesnt have the creative juice.. it'll be difficult..

all the best =)

Shuwen said...

@jumei oh my gosh, i totally understand your pain. haha.

@kenwooi Can creativity be learnt ? :S

Jan said...

Pfft. Science is everything. Science is for people who have a small view of the world. Culture and art is what makes you more knowledgeable and be a people person.

Charmaine said...

we're both da same lol i suck in drawing too... but i oso got interest in design but i think da one thing u must have is creativity

Yiwen said...

oooo good choice, you should think about it. i got a friend who studies that, the one that came with alicia to s'wan. and yes he can draw very very well. he's studying at limkokwing currently. something to do with graphic designing la but dunoo is it the same as multimedia design. u can add him on facebook and ask him about it. his name is daniel kho.