Sunday, May 16

Man who berpuasas for 70 YEARS.

Have you heard the news ?
Well if you haven't, you're as outdated as me and you definitely do not read newspapers.
Holy man from India spent SEVEN DECADES without food or water.


Presently, just to live up to 70 is a problem to many people.
Just this afternoon I didn't have my lunch and at 2.30 I was already starving.
Read article here
The doctors checked on him and he REALLY did not eat or drink at the hospital.
He claims that he had only limited contact with water and bathes OCASSIONALLY.
wtf, okay i believe that he doesn't really shower, just look at his omfg long beard.

Does this guy has some other source of energy ?
Maybe he has invisible chloroplasts in his skin and he can actually produce energy through photosynthesis.
or maybe he has abnormal cells in his body that cannot stop generating ATP.
Maybe its some power from God, since it states here he's holy and his name is Yogi which sounds like Yoga and sort of relates to buddhism.

Well, whatever reason it is, this man has seriously no life.
I bet he mediates ALOT. If you ask me to meditate, i bet 1 minute would feel like 7 decades too.
I'm a food lover and life without food is just plain. TOTURING.
Not to insult his meditating or his religion but SERIOUSLY ?
If everyone were to meditate like that, whats the use of God creating fruits, food ETC ?
I want to run up to him with a mega big mac and eat it right in front of him.
Imagine you berpuasa for Seven.Decades *faints*

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Deric said...

His meditation is nothing more than his way of devoting himself to the Hindu goddess Amba. To say he has no life is rather inappropriate if not offensive to some, since what he's doing was deemed holy in the article. So what's wrong with him living a holy life?

Shuwen said...

theres nothing wrong of him living a holy life :) just like theres nothing wrong for a food lover to say someone that had fasted for 70 has no life :)

kenwooi said...

i'd say its a incredible feat! =)

jfook said...


Deric said...

he already is living a holy life, so how can it be said he has no life~? :D

Hilda Milda said...

HAHAAH SO TRUE. I CANT EVEN LIVE A DAY W/O FOOD :P btw, which paper is the dog competition held?

Shuwen said...

@deric no life as in no food no life. gosh you dont get it -.-
@hilda uhm its in the The Star. Last saturday newspaper got, in the weekenders/star metro i think haha once a month one :)

Jonshea said...

70 years is just crazzzy. =X

Chili Crab said...

God, i can't even live without food for seven hours because my eyes feel hungry whenever i see delicious yummy food. Ha!

ohmywtf said...

no food is ok..but no sex?? OMG:-P

Shuwen said...

@wtf HAHA mad horny la you