Sunday, May 30

Last week of doom

ONE MORE WEEK till mid years end :B
Well actually its four more days, after my Chinese paper.
I'm already plotting evil schemes to bully my niece who screams every 5 minutes with this high pitched voice after mid years. Can't wait !

I've got so many dramas lining up for me to watch, so many things I want to learn, so many people I want to meet up with :D
I'm having piano pratical on the second week of the holidays.
Piano can go suck cheeseballs cos I'm going to KL on Wednesday ! woots :)
Recently I've been ripping alot of pants by accident, time to restock my wadrobe.
So yay ! LOL, this update is pretty pointless.
I have physics paper tomorrow and I didn't study at all. I think I'm gonna flunk everything except modmaths. die 99 tomorrow.

To the bloggers who commented on my previous posts, YOU GUYS ARE THE SWEETEST <3 Cannot love you guys enough. :) Thanks alot for those comments. They really really made my day.
26 more days till big brudder from America comes back ! June is gonna be an aweseome awesome awesome awesome month ! :D


Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL wanna meet up when you come to KL?

Shuwen said...

haha no problem ! :D

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Seriously, maybe we can like have a bloggers gathering to celebrate your arrival in KL. LOL.

Shuwen said...

omg so daisai haha ! but yes yes :D LOL I've never went to any blogger gatherings before :D

ohmywtf said...

aiyor...why would u wanna "torture" ur niece like tat...LOL