Saturday, May 8

I want readers, not passer-bys

I've been having an average of more than 100 visitors per day for more than a week already !

That, in fact is a huge improvement for my blog ! :)
I used to have about 50-60 plus per day.

Today, someone on msn (you should know who you are) said he reads my blog. I was reaaally shocked that people who I don't even think i know from school reads my blog.
I know I have loyal readers like chee who also brags about how he visits everyday and never fails to click my ads Thankyou to all the loyal readers :) You guys contribute alot.

I also have people visiting my blog through innit and that is practically what I want to blog about now.
Many people ask for nangs on Innit, and yes they do get nangs, they get to the top10 and more people notice their posts.
A nang is like the like button on facebook. You like the post, you nang it. You don't like it, you dang it and when the numbers increase, you get a chance to go up to the top10. But what does that attract ? Readers ? When exchanging nangs, many people nang, just to be nanged.
I admit, I did that too but now I realise, you don't gain readers, you gain


Passerbys who only visit your blog just cos they want to be nanged.

Honestly, I SERIOUSLY hate it when people visit my blog and leave tags like "Hey ! I was here, visit me back and click on my links yeah !"
You can save your energy cos I won't visit you back, neither will i click on your links. You don't just go around visiting blogs just to be visited back.
You don't gain readers like that. You only get temporary passerbys who won't come back after they've got your visit. Even if you want to be visited back, don't be so silly to tell people to visit back cos that would just show how insincere you are.

Wait, don't get me wrong.
Everyone visits people, I do to but when you visit, it would be nice to actually READ the blogs instead of just going there to tag telling people to visit you back. :)

This is just a post about how I feel about people like these.
I don't have much readers, but at least I know those people who visit are readers, not just passerbys :) Love you readers to awesome bits !


You're the greatest mom ever ! *hug* love you mom ! :)
Gonna blog about my mother's day gift some other time :P


kenwooi said...

well, i do visit blogs.. to explore more.. haha.. my posts dont get top 10 in innit.. but oh well, im happy with what i have.. =)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

hmm maybe i should say i'm not visiting.. dun click my links back... LOL

Shuwen said...

Its normal to visit blogs :) whats important is you actually READ what people write, and not just go there to leave a tag and tell them to come visit you back. You guys are different ! you guys read ! :)

chris_lim said...

Hey! I was here, visit me back and click on my links yeah.

Lol joking. Hi there shuwen. Nice blog u hv here.

By the way, tracy said hi.

ohmywtf said...

yeah...i make sure i read too...if busy, i will do it later :-)

SonnyKazu said...

if i dun online, i still get uniques.

actually in innit, I was being in top 10 but after 12 hours I still din even get nangs.

Oh well, what to do? I just get what I have now. Be proud of it. :D

Vin Tsen Gan said...

I practically drop by here just to kacau you XD