Wednesday, May 26

Facebook turning into the next friendster

Everyone knows what friendster is like right now.
Full of people who go

"oouuuu, thankxzx ferr the addxzsx. 9s to meet eu yaa ^_^"


"WhAt ArE Eu dUiN ? I vErY BorEd"

All the over edited pictures, huge eyes and the i-am-really-cute poses.
If you don't know whats a lala, its okay, just visit this group
This is a group for Sitiawanese, and yes i'm from Sitiawan, not ipoh, not KL.
Okay, back to the group. Its a place where lala muis who think they're pretty post up their over edited pictures with big eyes and all those act-cute pictures and the public votes for who's the prettiest. Just like the title of the group. In english its 'handsome boy pretty girl competition'
Funny hor, got so many guy pictures and I don't see any of them even near average.
Sorry to insult but SERIOUSLY just look at those people *sigh*
So yesterday I was feeling bored and I decided to join the competition.

you all can call me lala who posts act cute pictures with big eyes on a lala group from now on because..

HOW LOR YOU TEL ME. Dowan act cute also so cute. Eyes dowan edit also so big :(

If you have a lot of free time,
Kindly vote for peanut HERE !

and if you're not a fan of lalamuis, please don't scroll through the pics.
You'll vomit, die and think sitiawan has no pretty girls.
Not to offend anyone but some of them are pretty, just that the lala-ness is killing them.
haha, I'm waiting to see whether my dog can pwn all the lala girls.

If you still don't get what a lala is, then its okay :) I'll explain to you next time LOL


wei zhen said...

i don't get what lala is, yet i dun like those over edited photos, and i do think they are freaking ugly.. i really admire them, not for their face, but for their bravery to put those photos onto the net and show the whole world their face.. lol

xukee said...

thats good news......follow your tweet too.

Lukey Cher Hong said...

lol @ the narcissism

ohmywtf said... u transform into a poodle?? :-P

FiSh said...

those lalas are nice in seafood restaurants ;D but the type of lala u said there are... eww i hate it =/

phittera said...

agreed! cant stand lala muis!

nebular said...

I like that dog....staytune

` Yi Han said...

yes i dont understand why they want to make their eyes so big and cheek so pink for LOL!

Grace said...

your poodle pwn them all! XD