Wednesday, May 19

Eleven days of doom

Tomorrow, is the start of eleven days of doom
Everyone that has went through secondary must go through days like these. It is definitely not very popular among students, but what to do, government likes it.


Therefore, I'll be gone for 11 days so I'm sorry if I can't find the time to update my blog.
I'll still reply tags, I'll still be on twitter, facebook and I'll definitely find time to chat on innit when im free :) My phone is currently dead, since i'm too lazy and too broke to reload.

So yeah, don't forget to come back tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow x11 ar !
I gotta go study my biology :)
btw, did you know its G1, S phase, G2, Mitosis then Cytokinesis and not the other way round ?

I've always said I hated cheaters, but today, I found out, one of my closest friends is a player, a cheater, a girl who toys on people's feelings and whine about her relationships at school everyday. I'm seriously, seriously, disappointed in you :(

Like it ?


JessieAng94 said...

wadda! who's that "player" "cheater" and so on??

Lukey Cher Hong said...

all the best in ur exams! add petroleum!

jumei. said...

I'm having mid term too !!!!!

All the best for the both of ys !!!


Nic Da Nic said...

hey...all the best there o...
ganbatte kudasai

ohmywtf said...

may GOD help u :-P

Xiaopei said...

ganbate ne... ^^

Vin Tsen Gan said...

No worries, trials more important XD

Shuwen said...

thank you guys ! :D