People with no table manners

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Okay so recently me and my brother attended this dinner and I must say

People with no table manners should be banned from dinners

I know its pretty sad for people who has no table manners, but if you're 50 and you still don't want to learn to have table manners, you'll seriously make people disgusted.

During that dinner, my brother and I were seated with this family of four.
When the food was served, the mother started grabbing the food that she likes for her husband, her son, her daughter ETC. I mean, its not wrong to be all greedy looking grabbing for you food but what disgusted me was, 

She didn't even bother to use to middle spoon

Maybe its not a big deal to many people but can you just imagine ? 
She puts her chopsticks into her mouth with all the saliva and amylase stuck on her chopsticks and then reaches out to grab another meat. 
Oh wait, she doesn't just take the meat she wants, she freaking flips through all the meats and choose her favourite one, takes it for herself and chooses three more for her husband, son and daughter.
How selfish can this lady be ? I mean seriously, what if she has H1N1, or or HIV or something. LOL even if HIV can't be transmitted through saliva but can you imagine eating the saliva of a HIV patient ? *face palm* 
Throughout the whole dinner, when she doesn't use the middle spoon i'll just glare at her and after meeting her, I finally understood why her son is so stuck up sometimes.
People who don't have table manners simply creeps me out. If you're at a family dinner and you don't use the middle spoon that might be forgivable but at a public dinner ?

Once again, no names are mentioned. If you think you know who I'm talking about.... nope its not who you're thinking :)

By the way, today is the global day of prayer ! Better start praying people ! :)

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