Sunday, May 9

10 million yuan music video.

See that video ? It costs 10 million yuan.
seriously, Jay Chou spent TEN.MILLION.YUAN on a music video. It is said to be the most expensive chinese MV in history.
Its not just some ordinary music video wei ! Its even more funnier than Twilight. At least in Twilight vampires only sparkle under the sun.
In this music video, Jay Chou says "Normally werewolves transform because of the moon, in my MV vampires transform because they hear the sound of piano, the sound of piano eliminates their humanity."
Do pay attention to the inverted piano keys. That piano actually costs 1 million yuan.

I've heard some negative feedbacks about this video and I must agree, Jay Chou has failed to impress. He was really amazing before this, with his qian li zhi wai, ting ma ma de hua ETC, but this, is getting a crappy.
No offense to Jay Chou fans, I was a fan too.

P/S : Anyone bought Nikon dSLR body and wants some cheap kit lens? I have a friend trying to sell off his kit lens. He's only got his lens in January. Comes with free UV filter too ! Anyone interested please comment ! :)


Hilda Milda said...

not really a fan of his after his first few albums hehe

SonnyKazu said...

i jz listen to his few songs only... not bad ahh.. :D

Glo-w~* said...

he needs a financial manager for his budgeting ;p

ohmywtf said...

errr....i think its a total wastage too :-(