Wednesday, April 14

Why starve yourself ?

Ever asked yourself, is this going on diet helping you lose weight ?
Is starving yourself and skipping meals making your tummy any flatter ?
Someone even asked on wikianswers

"How long do you have to starve yourself to lose weight?"

Thats what everyone gets wrong these days.
Through experience, and also some articles from the newspapers, i can tell you that starving only makes your stomach bigger.
Don't believe me ? Go google and see.
Or you can ask my mum. My mum says if you starve yourself, the stuff that burns fat in your tummy would run out of energy and would be too tired to burn your fat and when you finally decided to stop starving, you'll eat alot, thus causing your tummy to bloat MORE.
I've used to starve myself too, and my stomach didn't get any smaller.
So now, how to lose weight without starving you may ask ?

Obviously, the first thing that comes into everyone's mind is
But but what if you're a pig and you eat alot after exercising ?
What if you're like me and cannot resist eating something sweet ?
Well there's food that helps you lose weight.
and the HEALTHY way, not the pill pill sort of way.

by the way, anyone watched BEING HUMAN by Jack Neo ? That guy was selling body-harming slimming pills and nearly killed a person. SEE ! slimming pills are NOT GOOD, so don't eat em. and btw the movie was boring and the jokes were overused. SO DISAPPOINTING

#1 Salad
Everyone knows veggies help you slim down,
but you know what, i hate veggies as much as everyone does out there.
I'll be the one finishing the thousand island dressing cos the taste will cover off the taste of the veggies. LOL

#2 Fruits
Fruits are low in calories, sweet and makes you full.
Perfect for you if you're trying to lose weight.
You should eat 5 types of fruits everyday. Not only will you lose weight, you won't have to worry bout pimples/blackheads ! I know tons of people who never washes their face with moisturizers, creams, facial mask or stuff like that but still have pretty skin !
Honestly, i don't know what people put on their faces,
i've never put any chemicals on mine before LOL

100g of grapes only contain 70 calories
See ! scared what lor ! Instead of grabbing chocolate, try grapes !
they're naturally sweet and nice to munch on :)

If you love Iphones you gotta love apples.
Whenever i see potato chips, i'll go straight to the fridge, grab an apple and start munching. After the apple, i would be too full to think of other junk food.
I eat up to 5 apples a day.

#3 Potatoes
Is it poh-tah-to or poh-tay-to ? hmm.
Potatoes as in baked potatoes, not fried potatoes, not potato chips, not fries.
Funny how the way you cook it change alot of things.

#4 Green Tea
Green tea actually helps in losing weight.
Actually according to the Chinese Sifu i once met, most teas help alot in losing weight. Drink a glass of tea 30 minutes after your meals.
Well, thats if you have the patience and that determination to wait for 30 minutes la.

#5 Oat

I bet everyone knows this.
Its at the base of the food pyramid anyway.

So now you know, you don't have to really starve to lose weight.
Many people i know skip breakfast cos they're on diet.
But breakfast doesn't really make you fat.
Well unless you're eating fried chicken, nasi lemak ETC for breakfast.

and if you're really in need to lose weight, just watch your portion size.
Overeating isn't healthy either.
Less rice, more veggies !
Don't always stuff sugary things into your mouth and NEVER skip meals.
Avoid suppers, late dinner and always exercise :D
Like they always say

Eat like a king in the morning, eat like a normal person during lunch and eat like a beggar during dinner


Jan said...

The trainer at my gym tells me the thing about getting healthy is that its 70% food and 30% exercise.

So eat healthy!! But Exercise is important too!

Supia Chao said...

Nice write up.. But I never thought that potatoes is good for weight, I used to think that potatoes is fattening. >.<

Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL. Another great way to lose weight is by playing football! LOL.

Jinx Joey said...

arr.. i just starve myself today.. D=
better not do it again