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There was this 3 day 2 night church family camp at Penang last Saturday. Yesterday was Perak's Sultan's birthday so its a holiday.
Gosh, now i wish Perak had 365 sultans.
Anyway Penang was awesome.
The pastor was awesome, his talks were awesome.
People there were awesome. Well except for the two angmohs who sneaked in and tried to steal our bags.

Day 1
We pushed off at about 9, and had breakfast in Pantai Remis.
zomg you guys HAVE to go there to try their curry mee.
My curry phobia from Ipoh totally disappeared. :) yums.

Kenny, Ivan and Joash went with me.

Kenny and my bro playing football on bro's Nintendo DS under the covers.
LOL they say they see better like that.

You know, before that day, I thought Kedah was like HOURS away from Penang but I was suprised when Adesh told me it was only an hour + away.
Met up with Adesh and Achetth from Kedah and Ahbeh and Rou Ning from Penang :)

Achetth, Adesh, Me, Ahbeh, RouNing and Chee :)

At that time I was mad hungry already and I wanted to eat Gelatissimo but the price was too scary, so I had 600cc icecream instead.
We were all searching for a place to have lunch.
Apparently Chilli's is too full, Nandos doesn't sound nice, Swensens.. idk why they didn't went there and Manhattan fish market was too expensive.
I wanted sushi, and the guys who didn't want sushi gave me excuses like they can't find any sushi shops in Gurney Plaza so fine I went with them and you know what they freaking ate for lunch ? CRAPPY A&W. Who goes to Penang to have A&W anyway ?

Anyway, after lunch we went shopping, and right above A&W there were 3 Japanese restaurants. While shopping I saw another two. fml.

The camp started at about 4, so we rushed back to the hotel.
When I heard the hotel's name, Copthorne Orchid Hotel, I thought it would be like some broken down hotel with no toilet rolls and stuff but it turned out pretty awesome :)


I'm two metres tall. NO KIDDING
The guys went swimming so me and my bodyguards went to the beach

Stupid bodyguard photobomb D:

One very excited Kenny.

I don't have pictures of the talks but i can tell you, the pastor was awesome !

He shared this miracle that happened to him once. It started out when his daughter was at her violin teacher's house playing in the backyard at about 4pm. She saw this string hanging from the clothing line and started playing with it, accidentally hanging herself. When the violin teacher found her, she had already turned black and there was no pulse. Every doctor would have confirmed she's dead. The pastor rushed to the violin teacher's house and started praying. Miraculously, there was a slight pulse, so the pastor rushed her to the hospital. The doctors all said even if she survived this, she would be a vegetable. Her family did not give up praying, and at 4am the next day, the girl woke up normally, with no brain damage at all.She could talk and walk properly.On that day, the girl turned 4.
It happened at 4, she woke up at 4, and she's 4. what a coincidence.
Everything is possible in His hands, even reviving the dead.
Just to tell you, the pastor is a doctor who graduated from Oxford.
He's a pastor doctor and also a doctor pastor LOL

Anyway, after the last session, which is like 10.30 pm everyone went out for supper.
There wasn't any transport so we could only go to the shops across the road.
The hawker stall in front looks pretty broken down and there were rats.
Fat rats that don't even run when you chase it. Disgusting much

So we had roadside burger which was zomfg good.

Everyone came over to my room after that.

It would be weird for us not to camwhore LOL

I always thought Jonathan was skinny, until i saw his tummy.

yes this is very obscene.
And now you know how i can be friends with these boys without falling for any of them.

cos they're all gay.

Played a few rounds of silent killer which was totally unsilent since everyone was either texting/talking loudly on the phone/talking to each other.

Day 2
We were supposed to go for Morning Watch, but neither of us could wake up.
First session was lead by pastor's friend, who was really funny.
Dennis said he looks like Hades but well i think he looks more like the Grinch. Either one, he looks like a cartoon character.
He's mad cute but well i slept through half of it cos I didn't understand a thing. LOL. whoops

Lunch time, me, Jen and the guys went to Gurney Plaza by bus.
This is like probably the first time i'm getting on a public bus in Malaysia.
and i bet all the guys also lor, since they were talking really loudly and annoying other passengers.
Met up with Juice, and there was another argument over what to eat. AGAIN.
Ended up eating at nandos -.-

Bodyguard Matthew LOL

I dont know who did it, but it was mad embarrassing.

Juice and her friend Adam.

With Adam, Juice and Nikhil.
It was my first time meeting Juice and she's not as bad as i thought haha ! We used to quarrel and hate each other over my ex bf. LOL wth.
anyway that was in the past :) She's pretty awesome.
They're from some international school in Penang so they have this American accent, and Adam is Taiwanese. Juice is going to England this August maybe and gosh i wanna go to Penang and meet them againnn.
LOL I felt super tarok while talking to them lor,
Adam was like asking me where i was from and i stupidly said I was from Malaysia. I asked him if he understood Chinese and he was like "I told you i'm from Taiwan right ? Where got Chinese don't understand chinese one" LOL something along that line la.
See Jae, you should be ashamed of yourself XD.

Halfway through eating, he asked why we were in Penang and we told them we're here for urch camp, he asked "you guys are Christians ? Then why didn't you guys pray before eating ?" LOL mad paiseh.

Anywayyy, i think he's pretty good looking LOL
I was talking to Angel about him just now and i was like "yeah i think he's good looking and he's taiwanese and he's from international school and he's tall and he's skinny" and Angel looked at me like "REALLY AR?" and i replied
"Yeah, but he has a girlfriend"

Okay enough bout that, they left early soo wee wenttt shopppinggg :D
The guys bumped into a few Sitiawanese in Giordano.
I guess thats why they say the world is small.

The DC Heroes were having a 50% sale, so everyone got the same shirt with different colours :)
I'm silver !

Too busy shopping to take pictures.
That night, session ended late but Matthew's dad was kind enough to fetch us to Gurney Drive for nomz nomz :) Matthew's dad paid for everything.
He ordered so much and nobody could finish it. LOL

Laksa was awesomeee but nobody liked it D:
so i finished two bowls yums.

You must be wondering why i'm always out with boys.
They're actually girls in disguise. SERIOUS.

After nomz they came over to my room again and did really stupid stuff.

Like walk round the room in boots LOL
Through this picture, I can see Joash H'ng's future,

or lie around under furniture
or lie inside a lift with one of your legs sticking out scaring people walking down the corridor.
Sorry, no pictures for that LOL.

Sexy people in pyjamas.

My bodyguards. Lars and Jaws.
Jaws sounds so killer like right right ? The idiot wanted to change his name to GENIE.

My boyfriend :)

Everyone zzz-ed at 3.
LOL this picture is just for fun, they didn't really sleep in my room.

Skipped morning watch. AGAIN.
Last session was emotional.

Guess which hairy leg is mine ?

Went shopping again after checking out :)

There was this little kid who went like "DADDY LOOK ! SPERMAN !"
Gosh, kids these days.

Mum treated me, kenny, jo, ivan and bro RM10 Swensen's icecream.
Cheat one, Cornetto tastes better.

These people shop more than i do.

Saw this in The Reject Shop, where rejected models pose in rejected clothes where rejected people buy LOL. Vandalism

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow before heading home.

Big praws are lovee.
I super duper love Penang, its filled with trees every where you go.
Unlike in Sitiawan, they just chop off all the big trees to build wider roads.

Oh oh ! let me tell you a joke :)
There was this woman who married a Polish man who can't really speak good english.
One day, the Polish man decided to divorce his wife.
On court, the judge asked
Judge : do you have any grudge against your wife ?
Polish man : no, we don't have a garage. We have a porch. She parks on the left, I park on the right
Judge : no, i mean... why do you want to divorce her?
Polish man : Because she tried to kill me. I saw her buying poison the last time she went shopping
Judge : how do you know that poison is for killing you ?
Polish man : It says on the label ! POLISH REMOVER
Okay this post is getting draggy.
One last thing before i go,
if you're in any kind of problem,
always remember. GOD LOVES YOU :)

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