Wednesday, April 28

Letter to santa

Dear santa claus :

I know that Chirstmas is still uhh.. 4 ? 5 ? okay ALOT of months away, but I really want to tell you this before you retire or something. In the last four months, I've really been a good girl ! I listen in class (lie), I dont sleep in class (lie), I dont insult people (lie), I dont stay up late at night (lie) and i listen to my mom (lie).
But even if everything I said was a lie, I really do hope you would get to read this letter, or blog post from me and consider making my wish come true.
Every morning, I wake up to the dreadful noise of my alarm ringtone.
well actually its not dreadful cos its yamapi's song, but still, anything is dreadful at 6.15a.m. in the morning. I know santa doesn't wake up that early so you probably won't understand how I feel but please imagine.

You wake up so early in the morning, go to school to face all the loads of homework, then come home to find the temptation of facebook and then totally forgetting bout your homework till its 10pm (sorry, this is unavoidable) and when you're finally done with your homework its 1am. SEE totally no time for anything.

Dear skinny handsome fit strong muscular santa,
I wish...

That all the schools in the world would vanish and holidays would be longer

and uhm santa, it would help alot if you move Christmas to tomorrow or something, then you can read this today and make my wish come true tomorrow.
See ! Teacher always said don't wait till the last minute ! Christmas is always at the end of the year, so why not do it now ? Then you can rest later on :P


sorry, I'm just wayy to bored and yeah i'm still not done with my homework. Today i totally slept through school, didn't know I could be such a pig. OH OH and btw, I had unagi for dinner last night, unagi for lunch today, sushi for dinner today and unagi for lunch tomorrow ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Who says you can't get jap food in sitiawan ? :)

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Kelvin said...

Hahaha, such a cute little girl XD