Iphone incident

by - 6:23:00 PM

Today, me and mum went to this Mobile Fair near our place.
My mum is searching for an Iphone cos her current phone is half dead, since she left it outside for one night and it rained. LOL.

Anyway, that place sells tons of fake phones.
Mum met this sales guy there, who had a large pimple on his nose and i couldnt stop staring at it who was selling second hand phones.
He said he's a good guy who doesn't sell phones made from China.
So when mum told him bout her intentions to get an Iphone,
he pulled out his 32gb Iphone 3GS and told mum he's selling Iphones for RM1050.

I swear i saw in the fliers earlier that day of the price ranging from 1900 - 2000+
The guy said they brought it over from the factory in Singapore, which explains the cheap price. So me and my mum spent like.. half an hour or so wondering if its real.
The guy showed us a fake iphone without the apple logo and the real one with the logo. LOL that really got us confused.

Problem is, if its so cheap, why were there only 7-8 people buying the Iphones from his place in this three days ?
If its so cheap, people would have sapu-ed everything right ?
When i pointed that out to him, he starting getting all racists saying "Look at the people coming here, they're all malays, do you think they'll want to get this ?"
wtf racist. yeah it was true la, we were the only chinese customers there but that doesn't mean malays don't use Iphones right ?

Then when I told mum we should go consider and come back later,
the guy said my mum was kiamsiap. LOL.
Maybe cos he spent the last half an hour explaining to my mum its not fake.

What do you guys think ?
Is there such cheap Iphones out there ?

p/s : woohoo, Penang tomorrow ! I can has laksa for 3 days, so i must has exercise nao :D Finally gonna meet my Ahbeh and Rou Ning

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