International Understanding Day

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International Understanding Day, or for short IU day, is a day when the girl interactors try to pan as leng as they can with all the traditional costumes they spent hundreds on and guy interactors to hunt for pretty girls who spent hundreds on their costumes

I'm Greek this year :) Thought of it while watching Clash Of the Titans
see ! going to the cinema is actually a good thing. Which is why i'm watching it again tonight with Chee and they all LOL wth.

Actually i used a bedsheet to make this dress but it was too transparent, so i bought a new peice of cloth. Someone asked me where i rent my dress.
I told her I pinned it myself out of a cloth and she was like
"so can i pull and make it drop?" Pervert.

The day started out with speeches ice breakers ETC.
then workshops ! :D
I'm working at the Hawaiian Tattoo stall. There's two stalls for Hawaiian Tattoo and mine is epic x100 fail compared to the other stall LOL.

This is obviously not drawn by me.
I can only draw...

doodles. *sigh* That explains why i'm always getting C in arts since i was 10.

at least i tried righttt.

Happy little boy with his crayons

Meet kulukulukiklumalu, master of kamekamehameda.
(wtf you shouldve seen the interactors, ganas like shit. Draw Aneal's face like drawing on a peice of drawing block)

Pizza stall. pineapple so omfg good.

Sushi stall. LOL I was eating sushi like eating popcorn.

Indian paint thingy, idk what its called.

Hakka Dance. Its a dance from New Zealnd to bust up their spirits before some rugby game or something if i'm not mistaken LOL.

I look very godessy very Athena right ? right ? LOL.

Me Greek, Elaine Chinese, Yun Lei Indian, Nelycia Vietnam I THINK. :)

Me and kenny. He looks chao girly with the sash HAHA :D

The girls :D


Full :D

Every year i wear pretty shoes for IU and every year i go home with sore feet D:

This y ear there was tons of kimonos and hanboks. I'm glad i didn't spend that rm200 to rent a kimono :D haha
The only thing i bought for my costume was the cloth and the gladiator heels.
So economical ! :D

and btw NEW SPECS :D
haha, tons of people was like "Shuwen ! you look like your sister !"
well duh, i'm her sister -.-
And there was this girl (not gonna say who), who was gossiping bout me. She said i was shapeless and ugly even though my costume was prettiest among all.
Aww thank you for the compliment on my costume but you know what,
at least i'm happy with how i am. You lack height, you're shorter than me. Shouldn't you be mourning over that rather than talking bout people behind their backs ?
and if you want to talk behind a person's back, please do it somewhere else, not DIRECTLY behind the person's back. idiot -.-
Tons more pictures on facebook. Lazy upload :D

oh yeah and
Thats the exchange student Erica from Italy. :D hot much ?

Talking bout hot, I was just reading Cleo's 50 most eligible bachelors and you know whaaat ? Patrick Macdonald looks mad hot lor LOL.
Julian Chow alsoo, he looks like Hua Tuo Ye in Autumn's Concerto
LOL for once, hot guys are not on tv.

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