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This is for small chee / fei chai / cheesicles (:


actually hor, his name isn't Chee. His surname is Chee, but well, we're all used to calling him Chee, so whenever i call him / go to his house i'll be like 'auntie ! is chee in ?' and she'll look at me like im searching for her husband LOL.

Since its your birthday today, you're the most dai sai one,
so you can self praise / insult ETC and i won't get mad. PROMISE.
hahaha ! I know you read my blog everyday so you'll probably read this.
We'd been friends for 4 years now, and gosh, imagine i have to live with your bullying everyday. LOL !
Bullying isn't really nice you know !
Remember once you tried to trick me to believe that my cheque to Japan got rejected ? HAHA. LOOK WHO'S CHEQUE GOT REJECTED IN THE END ? :D
Anyway, being with you and all the others are prolly the best memories of mine during high school. :D
Sorry we didn't cut any cake yesterday during your birthday outing
Chee is the guy in the blue shirt
I watched Clash of the Titans TWICE already (:
Yesh its good. Well at least i think so la.

Guess who's the birthday boy :P

This is the Sathit Lee
haha ! apparently theres this guy who calls himself Sathit Lee and proclaims he's Lee Hom's brother, and even though he's hideous not THAT good looking, he poses like that saying he's as handsome as his brother Lee Hom.
Thus, the name of this pose :P

The took pictures with a lorry when the traffic lights were red.
Retardedness. -.-
Yamcha at mamak after that LOL. No cake but it was awesome powsome fun.
Except that little conflict we had during the outing.
Nevertheless, it was an awesome night :D

p/s : I know you did alot of stuff for us, I know how you treated us well and yes i know its wrong of us for not inviting you to most of the outings. We're sorry but thats not a really good reason for you to not talk to us and ignore us the whole day right ? Don't you think you're a little small gas with that ? I didn't really used to get invited to most of the parties last time too but i've never throw a tantrum like a little kid who's candy got stolen right ? This is harsh but, stop being immature. Grow up. Its wrong of us, but you're not even listening to our explaination. So what if you don't get invited ? I don't think i've even went on cinema trips with my best friend for more than 5 times but we still stick. Gosh. stop being a kid -.-

p/p/s : I don't really want or need a guy in my life. Seriously, your little peices of affection on facebook is creeping me out and its making me not want to talk to you. I'm really sorry if i'm making you upset and all but i'm just not comfortable with these.

and and and OMG, i dowan Van Ness Wu liaoo,
everyone faster go buy CLEO and search for #34 Julian Chow among Cleo's 50 most eligble bachelors. zomgg.
Okay i bet if one day he boliao go google his own name and found my blog he'll think i'm like a super stalker but wth nevermind. He's on magazine for a reason you know !
He's younger than Van Ness Wu, he's Malaysian and omg he's hot.
Dont believe me ? Go facebook search and see ! got fan page tim.
Vote for Julian Chow okay ! :D

I think i'm scaring alot of guys off but but but, you should've read my about me before reading this. RIGHT ? haha wth, im just kidding

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