Friday, April 23

Ever had a stalker ?

Theres this guy adding me on facebook.
I know this guy, he's in band for 4 years and he can't march. THERE MUST BE A PROBLEM WITH HIM !
He's also, in the last class and everyone sorta thinks he has something wrong mentally. No i mean not as in crazy, but mentally slow, since he walks around aimlessly with his mouth open and all.

So yes, he's creeping me out real badly.
He added me, and after months, (i rarely accept friend requests, unless you're handsome/someone ive heard of or know) so one day, while scrolling through, I knew him, but i didn't want to accept him, but what caught my eye was


You know how facebook allows you to write your nickname in front, then your real name bracketed at the back ?
Yes, he's a guy, and WHY DOES HE HAS THE SAME NAME AS ME ?!
he removed it after a while. THANK GOD.

So this guy wants to play basketball and play swimming (wth is that) and wow ! amazing fact ! I didn't know i have like, a secret best friend !
and and look ! my best friend has the same birth date as me !


I'm not trying to judge but when a guy who is practically always drooling, has pimples all over his face and you wonder if he has skin diseases, walks aimlessly everyday like an old man with amnesia and stares blankly into outer space suddenly does this, wouldn't you be freaked out ? zomg. i straight away ignored his friend request.
and if thats not enough,

He has my picture on his wall !

and that day, while passing by his class, I have to ! its on the way to the toilet !, I heard his friend, a short little fat guy who's mouth hangs open too, walks around aimlessly too. The only difference is, this david guy is realllly quiet, and this fat guy talks ALOT and about rubbish nobody can understand. He's the kid in kindergarden who always pees in his pants last time. This fat guy was shouting "KARWEI YOUR GIRLFRIEND !!!"

I shall hyperventilate and dai.


Eugene said...

shuwennn, finally, this time u found a guy that LIKES YOU first instead of u chasing a guy xD

Munirah said...

hahaha eugene!!
wait, shu, is that hoong kar wei?!?! HAHAHAHAHA omg that is hilarious. play swimming hahahaha. sorry it's just too funny.

Shuwen said...

eugene : eh before you i had alot of peminats also okay ! D: after dating you idk why, maybe your aura makes guys run away from me. ALL YOUR FAULT I BLAME IT ON YOUUUU.

zhu : haha ! lets go play swimming some other time and yes it IS hoong kar wei. im gonna dai.

kenwooi said...

lolll.. puppy love =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahaha.. Crazy Teens..
It will pass.. ^^
One day u'll laugh at it all! Cheers!

shaz said...

wow admirer!! xD tat's normal for teenagers tho. hahaha.... xD

M a n n R u i said...

i actually cant stop laughing
you are so so so lucky XD

Shuwen said...

Dewi : haha i definitely will :)
shaz : i dont waaant admirers TT.TT
rui : HAHA. lucky? SERIOUSLY ?

Dallas said...

That is one crazy stalker guy!

Anon said...
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Scarlet said...

u shud understand his feelings lolx.. :P

Xiaopei said...

You have got secret admirer :D

Hilda Milda said...


D@^^Y said...

ya knw, his actually quite talkative at church~ thinks you shud knw tht

Shuwen said...

@xiaopei ee dowan XD
@hilda yes yes it is
@danny who who ? what church ?

Syazalia Razali said...

well you'll never know, he might turned out to be a 'somebody' in the future.

i used to have this one guy who I really hate. he's fat and annoying. keeps on calling me and bugging me to be his gf. totally ignored him. i was so happy when he moved to another city. then 4 years later, i saw him at a reunion dinner, he was sooooo hawt!!! and no longer fat.

bummer. T_____T

Adrian Yu said...

owh shuwen u found someone who is OBSSESED about you like crazy!!
good luck on dealing with ur admirer!

Anonymous said...

no offence but i think ur being a lil mean. what if u have a special kid like that? how would u feel if the people around treat him/her the way u do?