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Yesterday there was this Mag Inc workshop 2010 at Sam Tet Ipoh.
Practically its a workshop to help you design your own magazine.
There's even a competition for students to create a 3 paged mini magazine organized by The Star NIE. LOL. Grand prize is a trip to Cambodia for 4 days 3 nights. okay honestly, after attending that workshop, i think my creativity level is like...ZERO. zomg.

But anyway, i was more hoping to go there to see handsome guys la,
since its a HUGE BOY SCHOOL.
Sadly, i didn't see anyone handsome :(
you see lor, got or not ?
but you know whats fascinating bout Sam Tet ?
The principal says during their cocurriculum activities, its always 100% attendance. wtf ! thats so crazy. I always skip band practice whenever i feel like it -.-
and they're boys ! so dicipline one. cannot believe.
There was also this chubby little boy we met in the school.
We asked him where the hall is and he said in a really serious look
WE. have ALOT of halls
There weren't any handsome guys attending the workshop either.
Disappointed. *sigh* Depletion of good looking men.

I was EVEN MORE disappointed when I wanted to go eat Sushi King (since i was craving for Japanese food since...... oh sorry, I'm always craving for Jap food) and everyone else wanted to go to KOPITIAM JUNCTION instead.
and its equally expensive ! wtf wtf wtf.
So i was a little mad but I can't go like NO CANNOT. I WANT EAT JAP FOOD right ? Since i'm already having a very awkward time with the other three. We just can't communicate ! I'm mad glad we aren't joining the mag competition together. Or else i'll just dai flat.
So we went to kopitiam junction and it amazes me how they can make me feel like curry is the worst food ever. Seriously. Its not only fattening, its also spicy and yucky. Totally disgusting and thinking of it makes me wanna puke.
If you're in Ipoh Parkson Grand, ALWAYS choose sushi over kopitiam.
I was pretty mad so I just went shopping myself.

Disappointment doesn't end here.
I was trying on this really chio blouse at FOS when they found me and went like
hey shu ! we gotta go d !
#$@!#%&%^*$ potong steam betul.

But today pays off all the disappointment :D
Min Wae just got his salary (from his dad, since he doesn't get pocket money he has to work at his dad's factory to get salary) haha damn funny.
Me, Alan and Min Wae went for lunch at full pan and movies after that.
Min Wae sorta bumped into someone he knew working at the cinema counter. That guy lead us into the cinema to watch How To Train Your Dragon without buying any tickets. I think i wanna go know more people who works at places like these. Got special privillege somemore.

How to train your dragon was really awesome. Min Wae didn't like it though and kept on complaining saying he wants to go to another room and watch another movie but i think the dragon is TOTALLY CUTE WTF.
I like the little scrawny boy who tries his best to prove to his dad that he can be a viking like him. Awesome movie :)
Rating : 6/10

After that we went on watching Clash of the Titans which was even awesomer. But we had to pay for it LOL but anyway i was just wondering
Io, the girl who's always protecting that guy.
One scene she was rolling in sand and being all Megan Fox in Transformers, but when she stands up, she still looks like she just came out from the showers, all goddessy and princessy. WTF. If only my hair would stay the same and will still look so goddessy after rolling in sand trying to fight off scorpians trying to kill me.

rating : 7/10

That sums up my Good Friday holiday.
Oh oh, no school today cos its Good Friday. HAHA. LOVE MY SCHOOL MUCH.

Every guy should get a car and learn how to drive. :D

LOL and you know what, yesterday was april's fool and I tried to prank my brother by telling him i was together with Min Wae.
He was like 'serious ar ?'
He later used the same joke and pranked my dad.
and my dad's response was 'aiya, expected liao la, infatuation, will happen one la.'
When we told him it was an April Fool's joke he was like 'don't try to bluff me laa, i know one. you think i small kid mehhh'
OHMYGOSH. my dad actually thinks i like Min Wae.
I'm gonna dai.
but thanks to him, my day was mad awesome :D

p/s : I'm so into reading novels recently that i'm facebooking less now. I'm actually amazed that books can do that to me. I actually thought facebook and me were inseperable. And and last night I was so mad at this girl in a novel that i nearly ripped the whole book and it got me so emotional. wtf. whats wrong with me ?

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