Monday, April 26

Demonic attack

I was walking around the house when my mum asked me to go somewhere with her. Since I was bored, I hopped into the car and mum drove off in the direction of my school.
In the school compound, mum started driving the car in circles and I see fangs growing from her teeth. She later confessed that she and also my dad are robots.
She tried to strangle and kill me but I managed to wind down the window and stuck my head outside screaming for help. That was when Min Wae came and saved me from my robotic mum who tried to kill me in school.

Min Wae asked if I wanted to go for Ice Kacang, at that time Timothy and Lydia were in the car. Instead of driving me to Lumut, Min Wae brought me to a broken down house with vines covered all over it. It was dusty in the house and there were alot of broken pieces of glass ETC. Something you normally see in horror movies lah so I was pretty scared.
cos Lydia and Timothy grew fangs and tried to kill me while Min Wae just stood in a corner and laughed hysterically. MAD CREEPY OKAY.

and suddenly out of nowhere Kenny and Chee ran in and tried to fight off Lydia and Timothy. I picked up a broken glass and stabbed both Lydia and Timothy.
The police came and me, Chee and Kenny went home safely.
We got on news, and were the only people who ever survived robots with fangs and also humans with fangs. How I survived living with my parents after that? I don't know,ask sand man.

When I told my dad about my dream, my dad was like
"You see, I told you to go to church and you didn't want to.THIS IS A DEMONIC ATTACK!"
I guess I gotta read more of the bible and go to church more often.

Anyway, today I went to the hospital for asthma checkup which the doctor said my asthma is getting better wooohoo and my mum was talking to the nurse. The nurse was like "Oh i see you brought your sister for checkup" and I replied "uh no, i'm her daughter" and she was like "WHAT ! I THOUGHT YOU'RE 38 !" then she looks at me and said "You should've looked more like your mum"
@#$#@^@^%&$%&$%* Indirectly calling me ugly.

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Eugene said...

sounds like u had a twilight dream!

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