Boys who cheat.

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I know, most of my posts now are very emotional. It just had been an emotional month. I deleted the backstabbing post because, SOMEONE was too cowardly to make up for her own mistakes and had to go report to.. oh nevermind, even if i type it out no one would really understand anyway. So, heres another emotional post.

Okay, let me leak to you a secret bout myself.

I'm a lesbian

Im kidding.

but you know what ? Guys are just pathetic.
Not all guys, i mean some guys. I just can't bring myself to trust another guy anymore except for my sexy people

They're like sisters with an extra something.

I had been in tons of relationships, but i've only liked three people.
One was my childhood crush, whom i liked since i was five. I got over him eventually when i was 11 LOL. The other one was my first boyfriend who cheated and the last one was someone who semi-cheated. idk if its considered cheating so its semi cheating
So you see, my love life is screwed up. I have a bad reputation of having alot of boyfriends but thats all in the past, I'm single and glad :)

Okay so back to topic. I've got together with 1 and a half cheaters in my life and gosh, when I see someone cheating on my friend, I really want to walk up to him and tell him to beep off and get a real life.

There's this friend of mine, who has a boyfriend who happens to be in KL. She doesn't have facebook so she doesn't really check on her boyfriend or anything. Today I found her boyfriend's facebook profile, and it says "In a relationship with SOMEONE ELSE" . I got even more curious, or kaypoh you may say so I clicked on a link to his blog and I swear, what I see before my eyes is a really really really sweet guy. All his posts were about his girlfriend, the whole blog was practically dedicated to his girlfriend. There were poems, love songs, sweet things, all the things girls like.

BUT, he's a cheater.

Then there was another case, when the boyfriend is in another school flirting with some random chic while the girlfriend is doing all his homework ETC. She even lets her boyfriend touches her all over and see her through. Okay maybe the guy is not a cheater, but he's a jerk and that girl is WAY TOO CHEAP.

Lets not talk about us teenagers aight ? Since in the previous post, tons of people were talking bout PUPPY LOVE. How bout the old old uncles with china dolls ? Do they not have a wife/family ? Is that puppy love then ?
Few guys, when asked, they say "what, I love this girlfriend most what". Problem is, sometimes, girls just don't want to be loved MOST, they want to be the only one and this is something guys don't understand. Some guys even say things like "buy her something she happy can liao" What do they think we are ?

Most guys cheat. I can't possibly find ONE happy couple who hasn't cheated on each other before and by couple i mean couples that actually lasted more than a year.
Why do they cheat ? Is it cos of boredom ? Or is there too many pretty girls out there that you guys can't choose ?

Sometimes, when I know my friend's boyfriend isn't a good guy, but my friend is happy with him, always talking bout the things he did, the sweet things he did, I get worried thinking, what if she gets hurt double when she finds out he's cheating ?

I have friends who are jerks too. Like one who doesn't want to get married cos he said then he'll be stuck to one. He enjoys smsing many girls at a time even though he has a girlfriend, he talks to random chics on the phone at night.

I need answers, why do people cheat ?

Do they deserve a second chance ?

I did not mention anyone particular in the post, so if you think its you, don't go running to the principal like a coward saying i'm talking bout you cos i did not say any names and oh yeah, dont say im too young to talk about this. I'm just voicing my thoughts. (:

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