Tuesday, March 9

Stfu if you don't like me

Okay this is a really overdue post, but I'm still mad.
I hate people who have mouths they can't zip

Someone complained that I tell everyone everything on my blog.
Now seriously, that person doesn't even know HALF of me.
Do I really tell everyone EVERYTHING ?
How would she know whats everything about me ?
Do I tell people the colour of my underwear ? The total number of boyfriends I've had ? The times when I quarreled with my brother ?
Tell me la, do you really think I tell EVERYTHING on my blog ?
If you think I do, woah, then i'm glad.
Call more of your auntie friends who only gossip after lunch and have nothing else to do to come visit my blog and continue your gossips la !
Oh if you do that, click on my ads too. Thank you :)

One day, me and this someone were having this random talk.
We were talking bout.. well not secrets, but just very random stuff that people won't be interested in.
The next monday, practically everyone knew about our convo. wtf !
I mean, that person I talked to must be chao awesome in memorizing moral since she can like tell people exactly everything i said. Cool.

Theres this person who eavesdrop. Everytime at tuition, when I'm telling personal stuff to my bestie, she'll be beside/behind us to listen to everything we say.
And the next day, everyone knows bout our personal convo.

Some people like to spread stuff thats not true.
They think they know EVERYTHING already even if they only knew a little bout the whole thing. Its like telling people the ending of Harry Potter when you've only read the first sentence. LOL. These kind of people make me sick to the core.

So to those certain people, do TRY to zip your mouth.
At least know what to say and what not to say.
Your mouth might get you into serious trouble. Trust me.
I've been through done that. If you think you're being the center of attraction cos you know everything, dream on. It doesn't make people like you.
and oh please, don't spread stuff thats not true.
You spread it cos you don't know all of it.

Oh and you think i'm talking bout you and you hate me ?
Nevermind, I've got those who love me.
I don't need a million friends to satisfy myself.
I only need those who are true to me, and not those who're close to me just to dig all my secrets and spread it to everyone else.


woaini_87 said...

i hate damn perasan people too..=)

kenwooi said...

some people are like that lor.. hard to control.. next time.. hide in a room and tell personal stuff then.. confirm no one listen =P

Shuwen said...

kenwooi : later they say i lesbian, that one lagi cham okay !

Jong said... is so true...especially on the #4 part. Sometime it couldn't stop me from wondering what's the heck they're thinking when they said stuffs that they dont even know.

It is because they think that the person listening to them is so damn naive until he/she cant tell the different between the true and the lies or it is because they thought that peoples will actually believe in anything he/she said simply because he/she tot that he/she is the smart one?

Obviously they are dumb and should just be ignore.

[rin] said...

the moral of this story ishhhh...
never have private conversations where people can hear you!

Patresa said...

hi gal,
i've been through this as well ...But why cares? just be yourself...Rumours, gossips and stuffs are just to entertain those no-life people.

I'm just a passer by ... =) Click on your ads too =)