Sports Day 10'

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Yesterday was our school's 77th annual Sports Day.
It......... ended early. Which was something which i didn't expect.
Cos every year the guest of honour WILL sleep late,
meh, thank goodness he didn't this year.
oh oh ! and i just found out, there's this teacher at my school who's a photographer.
Chao cool, now i know why he's always with a huge ass SLR.

I'll let pictures do the talking.
Shariman is Red, McGraw is green, Tai Swee Kee is Yellow and DcGong is Blue.
Shariman got first, McGrw got 2nd, Tai Swee Kee got 3rd and DcGong got 4th LOL

Sepanduk holder, Evin Look is SO CUTE ZOMGG.


Tai Swee Kee (woohoo I'm Tai Swee Kee :D :D)


Scouts :)


Band *claps*

People with dSLRs

Anticipating people

Running people

Honestly, the only thing i like about sports day is seeing people run and eating

Interact's fried chicken was SHOO GOOOD

Look at our rotto boy running in front :)
He's the guy in red shirt. He plays the rotto in band

He's also olahragawan under 15 (i think)

Firhan, snare drummer who got 2 medals :)

Awesome pictures ? Thanks to :
-Teacher (pro and big pics all his one, since he's a photographer :D)
-Kenny Har (my Canon 500D with zoom lens)
-Shaziana Sajath

I feel chao upset, cos Kenny took really awesome pictures and with the same settings i can't get a decent picture :(
Gosh, i need to improve on my photography skills.
and i chao like Wen Wei's zoom lens, super great for stalking people but its expensive and I still suck. Guess i'll have to wait for my next birthday. haha !

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