Sunday, March 14

Photoshop :)

Dad : Hey, what do you want to be in the future ?
Me : Kindergarden teacher
Dad : *stares* WHAT ?
Me : Cannot meh ?

Okay I get that respond EVERYTIME, i say that.
Except when i went to Japan, everyone just went 'OHH. WOW' since everyone in Japan is so mad polite and if you aren't you're an alien.
So nevermindd, I recently found this hobby.
Well an ex-hobby.
Which is also still a hobby wtf you get it lah.
And thats photoshopping LOL
So now I dowanna be a kindergarden teacher and risk myself getting hit on by an angry guy with a hammer like in the papers few days ago or let small kids gek me until i dai liao.
I'm gonna be.. A GRAPHIC DESIGNER.
LOL I feel like a kid again.
One day wanna be astronaut, one day wanna be vet, one day wanna be lawyer, one day wanna be actor.
Those all involve too much of science and memorising.
Brain tak boleh tahan.

Nevermind, I still suck at it though. STILL LEARNING :)

LOL say hi to my exbf. Epic fail sunset effect haha !

This is for Nizam. Miss him much !

Childhood best friend for 13 years.
Epic fail weaving effect *faints*

and lastly, modern art. haha.

Okay chao fail one. now you can go like 'WALAO SHUWEN WHY YOU SUCK SO BAD ONE'
hahaha. wtf.
Nevermind, i man man go pursue my dream nao LOL


Bruce828 said...

Nice attempt in learning Photoshop^^

I wish I got time to learn it too~ Photoshop is a valuable skill to hv :)

kenwooi said...

yeah nice attempts.. at least you're better than me.. i have limited knowledge on photoshop =P

Victor Tan said...

I like the editings xD Nice

MrNoName said...

wow cool.. u are still better than me.. =P

Shuwen said...

Thank youu :)