Wednesday, March 24

Never say a girl is fat.

Everytime I have nothing to do, I go to the fridge and grab myself a chocolate or some not-so-very-fat-free fat free yogurt.
Everytime I'm mad and upset over something I go to the cupboard, get a pack of cookies and finish it in my little corner while i vent my anger.
Everytime I watch tv/drama, I want to have something to bite on.

Just in a few days i gained TWO. FREAKING. KILOGRAMS.
Thats plain scary.
And you know whats scarier ?
I'm mad and upset now and I want to go get myself a pack of cookies and finish it in my little corner while i vent my anger.
Not only that, mum is reminding me of how fat i am and is telling me to go jog round the tennis court.
Problem is, since the tennis court is right beside my house (so mad near to the front door), i'll just like jog for one minute and rush in to continue my drama
okay sorry i'm a fussy person. D:

And right, I love food, I crave for food, how can i suddenly go on diet ?
Especially when my mum just bought 2 boxes of ice cream, 5 not-so-fat-free fat free yogurt, 2 bottles of yogurt drink, vitagen and she's now making longan jelly.
Nevermind, I bet i'm not the only who can't fit into my old tees and pants.
Damn, I regret telling my mum "I'm not searching for a bf so no need to go on diet. I can eat as much as i want and grow as fat as i want"
see lah, now i only can wear oversized tees to cover my bulging tummy.
gosh, someone save me.


kenwooi said...

my pants are also tighter edy =/

MrNoName said...

lets play tennis at ur court.... wahahhaa

Anonymous said... too.....i gain alot of weight....for i week , i broke two of my school pant's buckle thingi...

Shuwen said...

yay ! im not the only one. nvm we sama sama go on diet :P
Noname : lai lai.