Friday, March 12


I'm currently searching for new blog templates.
I don't want something from anymore !
Cos most of them don't have the comment box and they just add too much rubbish in the skins! Anyone out there with a generous heart ? :)
Chee just bought a 70-200mm Sigma zoom lens.
I'm in dilemma ! Should i buy prime lens ? or zoom lens ?
or should i just wait until i'm much better before i buy something pricey ?
I want 18-200mm zoom lens. but mad expensive. D:
and right, i also need help with photoshop !
zomg, how to extract without ruining the picture ? :( :( :(
Oh ya, and my blog visitors are dropping.
Gosh ! gotta find something much more interesting to blog about LOL


Jan said...

Lol! Umm here's my secret. I took ideas and a few lessons from to create mine. Quite simple if you have basic knowledge of photoshop.

And what do you need help with

Shuwen said...

theres one thing i absolutely DONT UNDERSTAND. how to remove the background in photoshop nicely ? :( I've tried all the tips on websites but i just cant get it ! Thanks for the link btw !

kenwooi said...

so im here to help you - again! =P

anyway, heard of the new Blogger Template Designer? check it out la =)

Yiwen said...

u should seriously wait til u'r much better to buy lenses. then it will be much more worth the price

Jan said...

What do you mean by remove the background in PS??

Like when you save it?

Shuwen said...

thanks kenwooi !sure helps :)
yi : yup i also think so. Wen wei said that too. haha gotta learn how to be better first :D
Jan : like uhm, i want to move just me from a picture into another picture. I gotta extract and cut out myself right ? I can't do that :(

Kinson said...

Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens RM300 :D (if you've got the budget, f1.4). Amazing for low light photography.

or Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 (I'm toying with the idea of this).

thomas said...

your canon come with what lens?
Tamron is a cheaper choice.

Shuwen said...

Thanks for the suggestion :) I saw this Tamron zoom lens, but it doesn't have auto focus.
haha I think i'll wait half a year more before i buy lens :D

Kinson said...

Skills > Equipment. So no worries :D