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Sometimes, you hear people say,
Oh life sucks, everyone in this world sucks
Sometimes some people are so negative that they think that the whole world is ugly, the whole world is plain darkness, filled with difficulties and obstacles.
but people just don't realise wonderful things around them.
I LOVE THE WORLD (: why ? because..

#1. I'm surrounded by wonderful people who love me

My Family.
No matter what i become one day, I know, this is a place that would accept me for who i am. Even if one day I have earrings and tattoos all over my body. I'll probably be scolded for like forever but i know my family will still love me (:

My friends
These people had been through thick and thin with me (:
At my lowest point in life, these awesome people were there for me.
They're like angels sent from above to guide me, mould me and refine me into the person He wants me to be.
Definitely there would be quarrels, arguments, but I still know, they love me.
Even if i can be a little bitchy at times :P

Peanut Roselle Von Theodore.
I know, the name damn long right ? But nevermind, he's like a baby to me.
Even though he can't talk, can't express some things, but his actions shows that he loves me just as much as i love him. Those cute little things he do, even though insignificant to others, it makes me just as happy as someone throwing me a big party. LOL.

#2 The historical people who made the world what it is today.
Just look at the seven wonders of the world
Most of em were built by HUMANS.
Don't these things give you a If they can do it, i can do it feeling ?

The great Giza Pyramids

The Eiffel Tower

Machu Pichu

Taj Mahal

Great Wall of China

Who doesn't want to go to these places ?
One day, instead of saying 'Oh i've been there', why not say 'Oh I built that'? Even a college drop out like Steve Jobs can become a highest performing CEO in the world.
These little things make me don't want to give up on things i'm working on, because success is out there. There are chances everywhere waiting for people to grab it and if you have something on your mind, you better start working on it. Even when they said its impossible for people to fly, two brothers didn't give up and made impossible possible by creating aeroplanes.
What else is impossible ?

#3 Nature
Nature is really fascinating.
There's all these different sources about how the world was created.
Whoever created the world is someone really clever.
How does he know that plants have to give out oxygen and humans have to give out carbon dioxide? How does he know how to make complicating organisms while it takes us 5 years just to learn about our body and our cells ?
I love the animals that were created, each special in their own way.
Each animal has something interesting worth learning.
Even slimy snakes. When talking about snakes, most people (especially girls) would go like 'EW I HATE SNAKES THEY'RE DISGUSTING'
but, did you know, In most species of snakes, the left lung is considerably shorter, or even missing and that
a snake's heart can slide 1 to 1 1/2 times its length from its normal position, to allow the passage of swallowed prey ?

I love the wonderful nature around us,
the sandy beaches and the waves around you on a sunny day perfect for a tan.
It doesn't have to be a world famous beach, as long as you enjoy the beauty of it, even Teluk Batik or beaches in Pangkor Island are mad beautiful.
I love the countryside, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Where its peaceful and free from traffic jams and angry people.
Where there are plenty of undeveloped land and little kids running in them.
I love the trees. The trees that gives this nature a balance. Trees that cool down the environment, green trees that are soothing to the eyes.
What would it be, if there were no trees in this world ?
It would be bare, it would be hot, and everyone would dai.
If we continue to cut down trees, it would be so hot, that farmers cannot plant anything, and everyone will die.
I mean.. there would be lack of oxygen and everyone will die.
Oh nevermind, you get the point, humans can't live without trees.

The world can survive without us humans. It had survived humans throughout the jurassic period, throughout ice age. But humans, can never survive without the Earth.

and what does this post has anything to do with Sloggi or lingerie?
Because Sloggi proudly presents its NEW SPRING 2010 COLLECTION.
Very funny hor, I'm talking bout lingerie when minutes ago i was talking bout the awesome world.
but you know what ? you know what ?
This group of geniuses created lingerie that can help make the world a better place ! :D
Better place as in, environment better.


No no i really never bluff you one !
You can go and see for yourself !
(dont go there just to see models in bra + underwear please)
Its made up of 90% Polyester and polyester kills the world.
but not if that polyester is recycled from plastic bottles !
See see ! I told you people can make impossible possible lor !
You can like save the environment by wearing underwears made from plastic bottles. COOL OR NOT ? COOL RIGHT COOL RIGHT !
If the first thing that comes into your mind is ew thats disgusting. Then you're absolutely WRONG.
Thats the thing, if i didn't tell you, you wouldn't know its made up from plastic bottles and you wouldn't even think its disgusting. So its just your brain playing tricks on you. Its not disgusting at all. right right ?
and don't worry, its still high quality underwear, not the ones you buy at pasar malam that would rip in like seconds.
and in addition to that, YOU DONT EVEN FEEL LIKE YOU'RE WEARING PLASTIC BOTTLES ! Even though its made up of plastic bottles.
So help save the environment !
Or else it'll be
Like this. This is what happens if we don't take care of our environment.
Stop killing your own mother nature !
You can make a difference if you just put your heart into it.
Love World, Love Sloggi (:

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