Kenny's suprise birthday party

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We've been like friends for more than 10 years,
and woots ! you're gonna be my best man at my wedding and i'll name my kids after you

So anyway, yesterday we had this suprise party for Kenny.

zomg, love these pics max ! Priceless expressions :D

Everyone was like so kancheong hiding here and there.
Oh oh, btw we also saw a flasher.
He was naked and sleeping by the road side.
Coincidently, the night before, me and joash had a convo about some naked man in Sitiawan. I SWEAR I didn't look at his thing on purpose. But well i took a pic so wtf. Blog bout that next time.

Epic fail suprise party. Kenny wasn't even suprised.

Besties are love :)

Birthday cake

Birthday boii.
After making his wish, Charles went like 'Hey kenny, if you didn't wish anything for me, you better wish again' and kenny went 'oh okay' and went back wishing.
wtf mad cute !

I told him to give me a cute face and he gave me this.

We went to KFC after that. Funny, we met so many crazy people on the street.
There was this lady who kept on telling Charles he'll be a billionaire and we should give her money or something. She even scolded the staff in KFC LOL.
Maybe its cos Kenny's birthday and all crazy people are attracted to him.
Including the naked guy who showed us his dick.

Went to astaka (used to be landing for planes)

One Malaysia-ness :)

Okay maybe not this one, since they're kicking each others private part and they think its funny since they're all giggling. *sigh* Kids these days.

Charles even made new friends LOL
We watched Alice in Wonderland later.
wtf, if i have a sister a head that large i'll like...dai.

After watching, everyone wants to go to wonderland. LOL
*if you dont get the joke please look at the picture again*

Playing with flour at astaka.

He's a 16 year old kid who looks 60 :)

Pro camwhore :)

Silent killer later at kenny's house :)

Everyone went home later except me and philip.
So we joined kenny's family for supper at pundut.
I dont know what the place is called since it doesn't have a name
But i tell you, the mee is super nice but mad expensive. Simply put price one.
So, its called gui gui mian LOL.

We must be saying something very funny.

Kelvin and Philip were looking at each other's iris shrink LOL.

Ice cream at mcd after that :D
haha ! funny, last cny Kenny went out with my cousins till 12,
on his birthday i went out with his family till 12. What a coincidence

p/s : I feel like a big fat liar right now.
Theres this guy who was asking for my hp number but since he's like a gangster who races on his motor everyday and he has golden hair so i didn't give it to him. I told him I don't really sms (Cheat one, actually I sms-ed till i spoiled my lcd), that guy didn't really cared and gave me his number LOL. I told him I don't like msging guys (another lie. I only msg guys. I mean guys msg me LOL). haha but Eugene Tang kindly saved me from the stalking monster. so yay !

pp/s : Min Wae is gonna modify his car. LOL. woots. I'm gonna see a brand new undusty undirty no-worms-crawling-inside and no black-dirty-idk-whats car in a few weeks !

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