Japanese POND fishing

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Everyone had been asking what I was doing during for the Interact Carnival which was held this morning at my school.
and I always replied 'Japanese Pond Fishing'
and apparently, everyone thinks i'm a pervert.
There's this guy who was like 'OH COOL I'll definitely go to your stall. The guys in my class LOVEEE PORN'
This is just like how everyone always think VODKA sounds like MOCHA.
Okay nevermind, i emphasise. Its Japanese POND. POND. NOT PORN. FISHING.

Anyway, me and my fish did a great job LOL Everyone liked to fish for fish.
I'm like drop dead tired.
My fish... they're just drop dead.

LOL GEDDIT GEDDIT ? Okay fine i dont think you got my drop dead joke but just pretend its funny and laugh lah.

Special thanks to Elaine, Joash, Kelvin, Min Wae and Billy. ZOMG they were so awesome. Especially Elaine and Joash.
Elaine was like over at my house before the carnival and she helped SO MUCH. Joash was also chao awesome.
From 9am to 2pm he was at my stall helping me kiap nets for stupid little kids who are willing to let me scam all their money by letting them fish fish.

There was this indian little kid who didn't pay and stole my fish + net.
argh. after scolding him for the 10th time he finally bought a net, but threw it into the pond and started catching my fish using his hands.
Dealing with customers is really a hard thing.
They simply don't understand English/Chinese/BM/Indian or any other language known to mankind.

but still i had an awesomeee time (:
It was diffrent from last year though, this year was super hectic.
I didn't had time to go buy my own burger. argh.
The burger was awesome even though i had to scold little kids who were breaking the rules by trying to kill my fish while eating my burger. fml.
And there was this chicken popcorn specially ordered from Ipoh.
I think my fat bro spent like rm20 over chicken. -.-
Nevermind, I just had a super awesome time working with super awesome people :)
aah, bedtime nao.

p/s : I just noticed my blog posts are getting duller. *sigh* I need inspiration.
p/p/s (is it even written that way?) : If you're watching a Taiwan drama called 'Hi my Sweetheart', and you think its awesome, wait until you watch till the 12th episode. So pathetic that i want to just drop it. waste of time pfft.

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