Thursday, March 4

Child abuse

Today, while i was listening to the news,
okay not me, it was my father but I was beside him so yeah.
There were a few cases on Child abuse.
One was about this kid who got abused by his mum's boyfriend and the other by his baby-sitter. Both died.

One thing I can't understand is, why do people abuse kids ?
Violent movies ? I think those people are just plain perverted.
Like the baby-sitter incident. That baby-sitter broke the boy's liver
okay actually break isn't the right word, but nevermind.
There were also nail marks on that boy's private parts.
Tell me la, perverted or not ? Chao bian tai.
Its so sad to see the parents crying on tv.
This is why parents should never let baby-sitters/maids take care of their children.
The child either likes the baby-sitter/maid more than you, or he/she gets abused.

The football incident was even dumber.
The kid's mum was away and her mum's boyfriend was to take care of her but that jerk was too busy playing football. LOL HE SOUNDS LIKE MY BRO.
He got angry with the crying kid and abused it to death.

So people, if you do not want your child to be abused, TAKE CARE OF HIM/HER YOURSELF.
Yes you may be busy working and stuff, take it to a day care center then,
not some random lady who wants to be a baby sitter.
Or even worse, your boyfriend.



Jan said...

Its really just sad! I did my law presentation on this topic and I brought up the issue that SG's diclosure policy to protect these abused kids by not publishing the case also protects the abuser!!
It also doesn't help because society's not aware that such things happen especially in our asian society where the mentality is what we hear in our neighbours house is none of our business.
Only such cases are published because it already involves death, in other words become more of a murder case.

And I'm sorry for writing so mucH! >.< Its just that I get so riled up about certain issues said...

y not support the campaign "tune in to me"?

Supia Chao said...

Child abusing is too much. How on earth one can hurt those little innocent soul like that?