Saturday, February 27

Tae Yang

Hello people ! I really don't know what to update except for telling you 'zomg i dont have time for anything' which you've probably heard... a million times already.

THIS. is one of the awesomest songs ever :D
I now declare my new boyfriend. TAE YAAAAANG !
haha, Yamapi shall be my husband and Tae Yang will be my boyfriend.
wtf so play girl. I think one day I'll have to choose one.
but now, nevermind lah, they both also don't know i two time. muahahahaha.

okay that was dumb,
wanna know something dumber ?
That day when i was gonna eat my piece of bread while studying, my bro went :
'Hey, did you know, last time when i was small, I always thought SEMI-final was SANDWICH-final. Oh look ! your bread chao da liao ! *eats the whole bread*'
chao pig.


[rin] said...

so what happens to cchew if husband & bf posts are filled?
secret lover?

kenwooi said...

haha.. imaginary bf? =P

shadowburble said...

He's hot !! love his voice !! woots !! :D :D :D

Shuwen said...

cchew is my bf when someone slaps me back to reality LOL
kenwooi : hanor. can't have him LOL

mikki said...

Taeyang voice is one of the best...

:: hamano asuka :: said...

taeyang is cool.....