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On the 3rd day if cny my true love gave to me......... nothing.
Well TnB did give me a lot of things D:

Say hi to my crying niece, En xi and my scary sister

There was this little party thing at my house on the 3rd day of cny,
cos my aunts are leaving for Australia.

I was bathing in sweat so i decided to go shower.
And while showering, TnB had to cut off the electricity.
It was mad hot and mad dark. I had to dry myself and change in the dark.
Super uncomfortable. I somemore thought someone pulled a prank on me and was gonna go out and start shouting at people LOLOL !

Everyone was so mad and hot and bored, so we camwhored.

Everyone was carrying my niece around and she assumed we were her mum the whole time cos it was dark and she can't see LOL

Went to mcd with cousins after a very long time waiting for the electricity to come back. It was awesomely fun, we turn on the radio at full volume and whined down the window. I swear someone showed us the wtf face. LOL
Tapao mcd to lumut since mcd was too full.
Told you liao, mcd in Sitiawan is a tourist attraction.
Gambled after that :D

The next day, we gambled like.. the whole afternoon. -.-

Say hi to my other niece -.- waturf i damn old lor.

This is that En xi's dad. His wife went back to KL earlier so he was like
'GIRLS FASTER COME, my wife go back KL liao so I can take pic with whoever i like. Faster come'

We gambled till like 4am LOL
The adults had some family meeting so we had all the time to ourselves *grins*

On Thursday, we visited my biggest uncle and my sick aunt.
Which was also my popoh's house but idk why gatherings are always at my house.

Went home later cos uncle wasn't in.
Gambled the whole afternoon away :) woots. Won quite alot muahaha.
Min Wae and Matthew came over and we went to Imax.
I TELL YOU I THINK MYSELF DAMN NO LIFE LOR, cos that was the first time i stepped into a cyber cafe.
When i tell this to people, they either go like
shuwen, what century do your live in ?
I dont know you

Min Wae just freaking stopped in the mid of the road and stared at me when i told him that. -.- Since he's hosting COD competition at Imax, he brought me there.
But i didn't play. LOL damn sien.
All three of us didn't know where to go, so i said lets go bear bear shop in giant.
Two big guys following me to a bear bear shop is really funny lor.
KFC then MCD after that.

I went home late and missed open ostrich egg ceremony tmd.

They opened the egg without me ! argh. mad !
It tasted like 24 chicken eggs LOL.

Went back to uncle's house again, to re-visit my aunt.
Was there for a really long time.
tak tau ape nak buat, so camwhore again.

I used to think this kid was the most hyper active kid that can't sit still without destroying everything.
until... I met his brother.
Super got brotherly love LOL

Didn't get to see aunt for some family reasons.
Went home to celebrate Flower's birthday.
Don't ask why we call him flower cos idk. He's just.. flower..

SEE SEE. so old liao somemore want bluff everyone with one candle.

Mum's side kids
Flower is the oldest LOL
They were going to take this picture without me cos i was bathing D:
I had to hide behind cos i changed into my peejays and my hair was really wet.
damn i think something HAS TO HAPPEN when i'm bathing.
Gambled till 3+ after that.

Friday :
Went to uncle's house to send off aunt cos she's gonna go through surgery

Exchanged hugs and wishes with aunt before sending her off to Singapore.
I nearly cried, but tahan tahan. damn paiseh.

The girls

Group picture before everyone leaves for... wherever they're going

My cny sorta passed without me realising its cny.
I super wish I can go back to the first day again,
not cos of the ang pao but cos of the company. Miss everyone like wtfshit!
Nevermind, still got a few cousins around. gonna gamble one last time tonight.
damn, really don't want to go to school on monday lahh :(

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