Loads of pictures of cny

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Damn, i'll try to cut short cos uploading them is a pain in the ass.

Lets start off with reunion dinner :)
Dad's side's cousins all came back.

Damn, my night shots are still ugly :(


Sister and me :)

Cousin and her....... brother.
LOL mad look like her boyfriend kan !

From top : Peiyi, Peixin, Sis and Cher Lyn.

Cher Lyn, Aunt, Aunt, Ping Lian and Mum

Angpau session :)

My dad damn cool lor, he was giving away angpau like that.

Fire Crackers

My house's location damn strategic lor, every side also got fireworks.

Ended the night with mouth watering bird nest :D

First day of CNY
Okay, let me tell you about my sien-est first day of cny ever.
Woke up pretty late so went bai nian pretty late.

Nah, my self-think very chio dress HAHA !
Went to Dad's step-mum's uncle's house.
Yes, my dad has two mums so imagine the enormous family which i don't really know. LOL

This is my dad's step mum. She's 98 this year

Yes, 98


Must take pics take 99 first :)

The rest of my first day of cny was boring.
I cleaned my study room (wtf who cleans on the first day of cny?!) and facebooked nearly the whole day. wtfatt. After a VERY VERY SIEN DAY, me and my cousins went to Old Town Kopitiam yam cha lol. Dinner at dad's real mum's side after that. Sien to the max.

It was Valentines Day, so most of my cousins go out paktor liao. Leave those single ones/nobody to go out with alone. *sigh*

Nevermind. I can pretend I just came back on an awesome date and just got chocolates wtfatt

We weren't gambling .REALLY I SWEAR

Until that little girl in red came and polluted all our minds with this money stuff.

i know, you're either going 'awwww' or 'wtf i also want'

zomfg cute max.

2nd day of CNY
Lagi sien. No pictures of us gambling cos very inappropriate :)
Kenny stayed over at my house the whole day and joined a family party.
Lucky him la, got alot of angpaos cos my aunts think he's my boyfriend -.-
They kept on telling me 'theres not such guy best friend for 11 years one ! Sure boyfriend liao la !' wtf wtf wtf wtf. Like that must dump all my best friends liao lor.
Grandma's birthday. which grandma ?
my dad's real mum laah LOL. So there was a family party.
Which Kenny Har was my photographer.

moree cousins :)

Dumb bro kept on throwing me with pop pops :( PAIN OK !

Okay, Idk how to work flickr liao. Only let me upload 200 pictures.
bo bian, hafta find other image hosting websites :( HELP !

Mad strategic lor my house location ish !


Su Yin :)

If you've ever watched Na Zha, the canto drama, you would be like

With sis and grandma

Cousins and Kenny, somehow i felt like Kenny was my cousin too since he was like so ngam with my family wth wth wth

This is my cousin who always go
"eh where's yiwen ! call her come play la"
"I think I want buy Yiwen's phone leh"
"You all dowan become jong ar, call yiwen la"
"Yiwen go out d ar?"
"Yiwen leh ?"
-.- more like peminat than cousin lor.

Aunt's dog, wang wang.
Super hate him and love him at the same time. He ONLY follows my aunt.
Who call him also don't want answer, damn lansi lor ! D: somemore wanna go bite my peanut. ish ish.
But its fur is like damn soft. Softer than my pillow and all other soft toys. Damn they should make 101 Pomerians or something -.-
and right and right, this dog actually barks and tries to bite you if you hit/scold someone cos it hates people quarreling LOL

Another zomfg cute. :( Why wasn't i a cute baby ?

My cousin who got 3rd or 4th for magic in the whole of Asia

His audience :D

This was awesome. The card the audience chose just popped up from the box.

This was amazing-er
The audience actually chose a 6 diamond, but he guessed a 4 diamond.
So he started blowing the card and all of the sudden the diamonds started separating (wtf really you can see it separating) and after he's done, he's holding a 6 diamond wtf max

This picture is so chinese new year-sey

mad cute.

Okay I'm seriously done with all the pictures.
A miracle just happened btw, my mum saw me and she didn't say anything about why i'm still not in bed but i'm so omg tired.
die die also must finish this blog post first HAHA see ! so dedicated wtf.
And btw, super hate TnB lor, just now i was bathing when all of the sudden no electricity and it was at night. :( Imagine la, wear your clothes when its wet and dark.
fml, blog bout that later. now really eyes cannot open liao.

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