Ling Tennis Court open ceremony

by - 6:12:00 PM

Yesterday at around evening, Ling Tennis Court finally had its open ceremony ! muahahahaha. Long waited huh ?

Majlis dirasmikan (sorry, tak tau whats it called in Eng wtf !) oleh

Fatty and uncle Sam :D

And of course my boss :D Love you tons dad !

Tons of people who didn't know was asking me
'shuwen, who's your new neighbour?' or 'wah, what is that person building?'
So you see, my new neighbour is myself, and that person is building a tennis court.
even more people are asking when it'll be done and whether they can come play or not. nyehehe, want to play ar ?
Everyone buy 2 Interact Coupons from me lor :D
haha im just joking !
Now that theres a big ass Tennis Court right next to me i gotta learn tennis FML DOUBLE TRIPLE QUADRUPLE. You see lor, weather also don't like me to sweat.
I wanted to go to astaka jogging and it just started raining. see see.

Okai, end this post with myself XD

chao zi lian i know.
But you know what, now that my hair is less messy, i think i deserve to camwhore and make stupid faces in front of the mirror as much as i like :P
Btw i look mad ugly when i tie up my hair and i can't decide whether to move my fringe to the side or just leave it straight. and hor, its not ever straight anymore. fml !

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