Monday, February 22

I wanna duplicate myself !

Cny holidays are over and I'm still in the holiday mood.
arghhhhh. Suddenly I feel like I wanna go on holiday forever LOL.
Okay I shall keep on dreaming.
School life is back and its super hectic okay !
My homeworks are piling up and i don't have time to do them !
Tuitions, homework, facebook, blog, band, EB etc etc etc.
I wish i can split myself into two :(

Okay fine, maybe not just two.
Maybe like.. six.
or a thousand. LOL that would be great. I can do serious multitasking then.
Then i'll have time to study all my bio, physics, chemistry, modmaths, addmaths, history, accounts and wtfshits. :(
First test coming up soon ! Need.duplicating.machine

See this picture also damn scared kan.
I totally freaked myself out seeing so many of myself.
Photoshop fail max ! *blames lack of time*

I need a new layout ! gosh, but i dont have time !
I asked Min Wae help me design one since he's studying that sorta thing.
and he said he don't have time.
Someone needs to sell time cos everyone is running out of time.
Okay idk why today i'm talking so much of crap.
NEED.MORE.TIME. Luckily this Friday is a holiday lor.
*waits for March holidays* muahahaha.


kenwooi said...

you crop out again, and again many times? *i realised the different cropping style for each face*

should have copy and paste what.. then can fill up more! =P

anyway, all the best!

Shuwen said...

no ar, i extracted once and paste alot of time haha ! where got so much time go crop everytime !

Steven Luck said...

OMG, it's full of you... LOL... Can I borrow some of your duplicates? Hahahaha :P