Saturday, February 6

Hair Straightening. NEW YEAR MUST NEW MAR !

My maid just went back to Cambodia cos of some reasons.
Now my half is 1/10 ruined. More work less onlining time :'(

Just had an awesome day with hou jimui Yi Lin :)
We went for lunch, shopping (you must be wondering where since its Sitiawan and we don't have shopping complexes *sulks*) then to the hair salon ! :D
I just straightened my hair nyehehehe.
And my fringe is so mad short.
I actually showed Renee's picture to the hairdresser and told her I want that hair. LOL Sorry Renee XD But then it didn't really turn out like hers.

Nah you see lor, mad short :(
But nevermind it'll grow.
At least I'm not going to have messy hair during cny ! :D
My dSLR is currently down at the moment. No memory card :(
And I can't retrieve my pictures either.
Stellar Photo Recovery is being a total bitch D:

BY THE WAY. I know most of you are having exams during the 27th or March and can't come to the Interact Carnival but nvm ! :D Here are the coupon designs
*takes all credit* XD



Don't start complaining to me why the front page isn't colored and why it looks so crumpled compared to few years before.
But thats none of my concern I'm not in charge of the paper selection
Therefore. STOP TELLING ME THE DESIGN IS UGLY COS YOU THINK IT DOESN'T HAVE COLOR. Want color hor ? Go print money lor.

Just joking. I take criticism okay !
and right, if you're reading this, buy from me ! Don't buy frm the others !
Oh and btw, if you don't know what an Interact CARNIVAL is, well a carnival is a time where people sell food, drinks and there would be tons of games.

Be a dear and help me buy all these please ? *puppy eyes*


Anonymous said...

love ur fringe

kenwooi said...

haha.. stellar photo recovery is a bitch..

now i know you're from acs sitiawan.. =)

Shuwen said...

anonymous : aww thanks !
kenwooi : I'm trying photo recovery! hopefully it works :D yupp ! I'm from acs Sitiawan :D

[rin] said...

there's more interactors than normal students in acs la weh...
sure cannot sell all habis de...

Shuwen said...

haha, ever wondered why i wrote this on my blog ? haha ! :D

Jan said...

Awesome hair! I'm not the type to rebond my hair tho. I prefer curly hair!

What's Photo Recovery?

Su YSW said...


your new hairstyle looks nice la!~~

Shuwen said...

jan : I LIKE CURLS TOO ! but my mum said i'll look old and it'll be hard to maintain :(

Su YSW : GOSH ! you havent seen it when i tie it up. XD

Vieceli said...
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