Wednesday, February 24

Facebook is like a virus

In this new era, facebook is slowly getting into people's lives.
Got a party ? Invite friends on facebook.
Got something to tell everyone ? Update your status.
Its like a mad habit everyone has to check facebook everyday.

So, I have a friend, Jae, who recently changed his last name on facebook.
He says MacTavish is some.. Call Of Duty guy or something.
fyi : call of duty, for short cod. Cod is a fish, therefore MacTavish is a fish
Yesterday night, me and my friend Ivan were talking about this Mac thingy when my other friend Kenny said he wants to name himself Maccartney (some basketball player or something)
So we decided to change our last names to Mac-somethings.
Me and about.. 4 of my friends.
Kenny was MacHottie, Ivan was MacCool and I was MacPretty.
LOL. then today, i checked facebook, and there was all these..
Not only these okay !
There are also Maclengzai, MacCute, MacWhat, MacPeace, MacSmartie, MacMac, MacFurry, MacThingy, MacbookPRO, Macbooknoob, MacEmo, MacFlurry, MacToufu.

Even those look-very-innocent one all start to perasan liao.
all the self proclaimed lengzais, cute, cool or hot people LOL
SEE, Facebook is like a virus.
I think.. if mojojo wants to take over the world, he should start with facebook.


Jessie Ang said...

that's why I feel so weird when I saw all those Mac Jae is the one who started first aight..xDxD

Victor Tan said...

"Soap" MacTavish larr xD haha...

I prefer Captain Price better.

kenwooi said...

haha.. you watched too much power puff girls recently? =P said...

Mac Curry still remember?

a nang for u! nang this for nuffnang birthday

Ling said...


Jan said...

I am no longer active on facebook cos my parents have facebook accounts. ):

My parents took over my FB life.

Anonymous said...

"Soap" MacTavish! XD, lady, your friend is made of win and awesomeness. And also cute kittens.