Friday, January 8

Screwed up education system

I know I still haven't blogged about part 2 Taiwan, BE PATIENT !
I'm a very busy lady okay !!

You know what ? Our whole education system is very screwed up.
I'm not gonna say anything about studying a lot of chapters of Islam history.
But what are teachers teaching these days ?!
Its all about how to answer during SPM, whats the SPM format, how to score more in SPM. It all revolves around SPM.
So we're like going to school for SPM now ?
Someone used to say you study so much, next time of course become doctor or lawyer la, or else you study for what ?
Thats like seriously wrong.
Like I said before, I wanted to be a blogger/kindergarden teacher.
Liddat, I don't think I should go to school anymore cos all I'm gonna teach little kids are ABC. What for learn about physics or bio then ?
And seriously, Malaysia needs better teachers.
Teachers who spell oxygen as OZYGEN can teach science. How is that ?
Not trying to be racists, but in my school, how many people who took agama got 8A ? and how many people who took Chinese got 8A ?
Now they're raising the Chinese SPM standard.
Now we're supposed to translate chinese poems written super long ago when their chinese is still veryyyy traditional. ALL SUBJECTIVE. wtfx2

On the first day of school, i dont know HOW MANY TIMES that guy repeated
If you didn't pass your maths/science you CANNOT qualify for science stream
Whats the biggy going to science stream ?
Everytime someone says 'oh I'm from art stream' everyone would instantly go like 'this person sure didn't pass his/her science and maths lor'
To some people, if you can't study, you're a failure.
If you get kicked out of school, you're a failure.
If you're a delinquent and talk alot in class, you're a failure too.
wtf !
STEVE JOBS dropped out of college, and look what he is now. APPLE CEO
I doubt Hitler has got good grades when he was in school lor.
So please, not everyone with good grades will suceed in life and not everyone with bad grades will fail.
Like someone once told me
People from the first class will be accountants, doctors, lawyers, and people from the second and third classes will be their bosses.
Especially when you're in Malaysia, having good grades isn't really anything. Honestly, I think I didn't really deserve this 7A.
I did equally badly in my BM and Chinese. Yet I got an A in BM and a B in Chinese.
Oh well, as the people say, we gotta be considerate and lower down the standard *shrugs*


Su aka YSW said...

Strongly agreed with you! I was from Chinese Independent High School and we took SPM as well on top of our UEC cert! Peoples might think scoring straight 16A1 in SPM representing they are smart! But our high school limit us from taking so much subjects for SPM, why? Funny, right? Bunches of candidates who scored A in English but how many of them really have good command in English? Quality of the study is way more important than As.

Yiwen said...

lol, nobody can talk about steve jobs except for me!!.

btw the things u said reminds me of someone close to u and figure that out.

Shuwen said...

Yiwen : siape siape ?

cr3ap said...

Well, it certain is getting higher the standards. Even in college level it seems the same. It's kind of stupid in my college. Due to the qualification they want to get from MQA, they said you cannot score too high which means you can't score A. What the hell was that. -.-

Regards from cr3ap

F said...

I sort of agree with you on the 'teaching how to answer, score, etc.' That, in my opinion, is a complete waste of time.

However, I cannot agree with you that physics+bio are not essential subjects that you need for you to venture into (kindergarten) teaching industry.

The kids you might be teaching most likely won't know how to communicate and interact, and therefore you will have to have some basic foundation of child psychology, in order to effectively teach the kids. You can't teach them A B C if they don't know that you're teaching them, right?

F said...

Adding on to my previous comment... Psychology means you will need science. Science=physics+bio+chemistry.

Shuwen said...

F.. so what if i wanted to be a photographer ? Cos my friend told a teacher she wanted to be a photographer and that teacher threw her book and asked her 'so, why are you at school?'

Nic Da Nic said...

well well well, it going to be a hot debate
I got straight A's for PMR SPM i can get c5 for BM.that's ironic and I never expect that bad.Even lazy student also will never get c5..if they know how to write in their paper2.That's weird as if i never write anything in that paper at all

Well, in my case.there are three person that i should blame.just blame my teacher that never teach well in my class. 1st.second,blame the people that mark my paper. 3rd blame myself.

I study in science stream.because of interest.i never deny some people got good grade but they choose art stream because they want to be lawyer,accountant,study finance..nothing to be shocked or to be questioned.not all students study in art stream are not brilliant..they got their own choice of life.

Su aka YSW said...

Generally i got pissed off in the current situation how government treat us (Chinese Independent Highs School students), gov just reluctant to accept the facts that we are doing well. Our UEC cert is widely accept by overseas university where we can enter Year One of the degree courses. Some examples,top Asia universities, top Australian University and even UK university.

I used to hear my friends from sciences stream complaint about how tough for them to convert into studying Business courses! So, what Nic Da Nic said is so true! said...

i think u got a problem teacher who threw a book to ur friend. A's will not make u success in life, i agree but A's will insured a better life....

Alpha Ace said...

kakaka~ not 1st time lahhh~ not 100s time lah ...lost count d ...
if Malaysia education system is good ahhh how come ppl no civic .. no cleanliness like Jap or Korea.. or our neighbor S'pore?

well known intellectual Malaysians were not from d cacat system but by their self taught and family upbringing ...quality tuition also part of it... definitely not d systemmm..

damn ...system failure...LoL~