Photoshoot for PMR students

by - 6:28:00 PM

I just had a quarrel with Gucci. She seriously drives me mad.
Okay I dont want to talk about her.

Today there was this photoshoot for the PMR students.
Big ass photographers were :

Kiaos Tan

Kenny Har

and Chee

Sorry I don't have a picture of Chee, I don't know why.
nyehhehe, I can save the risk of my computer tio virus :) jokes !

Love this pic ! Damn cute =)

and lastly.

nah, prettiest girl in the whole wide world
Happy liao ? :)

p/s : What ? dissapointed ar ? At least its an update lor.
I don't want my blog to die.

Btw, Sukan Tara is starting tomorrow ! See Chew said lompat tinggi tmrw.
GOSHHH, worst sport ever.
Oh btw, If you dont know, I suck in sports.
I suck SO BAD, that i even suck in virtual sports.
Gimme wii sports and you'll see.

I shall blog about my encounter with Gucci another time.
Not in the mood to talk about her now. ish.

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