Kotex ? Whisper ?

by - 12:25:00 AM

I bet most girls are having problems with choosing the right pads.
What have you been using ? Whisper ? or the new Kotex Luxe ?
Still having sleepless nights and worries about overflowing ?
Every girl wants to be like the model for kotex on tv during that time of the month BUT HOW?! Which pad actually makes you happy and comfortable ? Plus easy to use ?

Well today is your lucky day, cos I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! :D
The awesomest pad in the whole wide world.. (well actually i dont know if its awesomest in the whole wide world la, cos maybe got better pads out there)

Apple's Ipad !
See see, its fat, i mean wide enough to cover everything so won't overflow.
Money also won't overflow cos not that expensive.
and its apple scented ! see the name ! :D
plus right, this one damn easy to use. I bet even my mum can use.
Oh wait, maybe not.
and you won't have sleepless nights one !
Cos if you scared it'll disturb you, you can just turn it off.
SEE ! So much better than all the other pads. :D
No need worry whether you want net pads or cotton pads.
Get an IPAD !

Sorry, i know you feel very zha dao right now and you want to just... go back to innit and dang me, or punch me in the face or something
But honestly, I'm not an apple fan. waturf i like BB !
My sister told me this joke and yeah, here's a very boliao blog post.
Gotta go sleep nao. nights !

UPDATE : If you don't believe me right, WATCH THIS

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