Important Fatty.

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Walaooo, fatty just finished my Coconut jelly in 30 seconds when I take 3 hours to finish one. WHERE CAN ?!

Today is a very important day for a very important person who is so important that he will always be important to us no matter how important other things may seem he'll always be most important, well at least very important. THE END.

Everyone, say hello to..

Fatty :)

My awesomest cutest blurrest fattest broo.
He's finally able to get his IC today ! woots ! :)
Last Saturday, me and the cuzzies celebrated his birthday in KL.


When he walked into the house after football session with them cousins, the first thing he said was 'uh.. who's birthday whor?'
Talk about blurr.
fyi, my bro NEVER smiles in pictures.
He hates pictures XD

This is considered very very rare.

Forced this XD

He's probably my closest sibling cos I sleep in the same room as him. Bo ban fa, both of us scared of ghosts, so gotta sleep in the same room LOL !
I tell my brother everything. From everything about my boyfriend to everything my parents dont know XD
But most of the things my parents don't know ends up getting known because he can't keep his mouth shut most of the time.

My brother is a total food lover.
I always thought he would be a good food critic/chef.
But then i thought of it again, and... cannot lah, cos everything is nice to him, and if he's a chef, customers nothing to eat liao. :P
Once on the radio, there was this guy talking about a burglar climbing into his house and he asked 'burgers can climb one meh?'

My bro is also the biggest bully ever. Well actually not the biggest la,
cos since young biggest bully to me is Kenny Har
So i guess my bro is second.
If he has ANYTHING to annoy you, he will.
Like everytime i eat pork, he'll start saying i'm going against my religion and I should go to jail because i'm a Muslim.
LOL fyi, im not a Muslim okay ?
He calls me that just cos I don't like pork.

Just wanted to insert this pic to tell you that

My brother, is a HARD CORE Man Utd and WWE fan.
At least thats what he tells me la.
He'll start blabbering bout who goaled or what Triple H did to wthidkwho during a idkwhatsitcalled WWE match after a show.

He's actually SUPER funny.
That day, my dad asked him who won in the badminton double matches.
He answered
Men double... men double win lor. Women double.. women double win lor
There was like.. momentarily silence in the car and then everyone started laughing. Its funny cos he didn't MEANT to say something that stupid.
Then there was the unlimited credit incident, which you've probably read before.
And also once, my bro's teacher asked him
'Is this a ji shu wen or a shuo ming wen
p/s ji shu wen and shuo ming wen are types of essays in chinese
and my bro answered 'wo shi ling de wen.'

So.. its either my bro is getting taller and taller, or i'm getting shorter and shorter.

Some feng shui master in Taiwan said he'll be having a really good love life this year. woots !

My bro, like me, is not very artistic either.
He plays a lot of Maple Story but NEVER knows how to download patches.
I told him to go play a man-lier game, like..
Dota or or something dark and evil, but he likes kiddy games.
Killing mushrooms. gosh. *face palm*

I've got plenty more homework to do, so I'll stop here


p/s : I didn't know Valentine's Day and CNY on the same day ! WHERE CAN ! LIKE THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE RED INSTEAD OF PINK !

pp/s : and and and HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LIKE V-DAY !!!??? Even if you don't have a bf, how can you not feel happy when you see chocolate, roses and pink things even if its not for you ?! well unless you don't like chocolate/roses/pink things la.
Okay i'm overreacting.

ppp/s : Nici is totally the awesomest brand cos everything there is awesomely pretty. For example my new phone case. waahahaha.

pppp/s : Btw, I have a video of my bro dancing when he scored a point on his Fifa world cup game. LOL post it some other time. Youtube very GL with me nao :(

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