Sunday, January 3

Im sixteen and I have Gucci !!

After thinking long and hard, I've finally decided to buy Gucci
Its a reward for getting 7a in PMR :D
I'm turning sixteen in 2010, can you believe it ! :D woohoo !
Its not really expensive, but super pretty !
A little black on the back with a little brown.
Its not really big, but definitely not suitable for travelling.
Now let me introduce you to my new love.. Gucci.




Everyone, say hello to..


You must be feeling zha dao, super potong steam and you're gonna click the x button, but what else do you want me to name a FEMALE beagle ?
And plus, you must also think I'm crazy, cos Barney the Doberman and Peanut the Poodle are both males. How to take care of a female when Peanut is always trying to hump it ? I also dont know. But oh well.
Many had suggested the name Butter, to make Peanut Butter.
But its not girly enough !!
Plus, if you want food names, Gucci sound like Kua Chi ma,
can be Peanut Kua Chi also ! nothing wrong !
I wanted to name it Snoopy, but my bro said it sounded dumb.
Then I wanted to name it Blackberry, but my bro said its really hard to call.
Kompiang, Char Siew, Siew Yoke all I've considered before.
But nothing beats GUCCI <3 I'm sorry I cant get a decent picture of her cos she keeps on moving about. She even peed on my pants. wtf ! and I tell you what, my Gucci lagi not attracted to treats. Same like Peanut. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY DOGS D:

Sorry if you don't like dogs in cages, I dont like too.
But my mum hates dogs. oh well.

School is starting tomorrow and I have a speech to make !
Cheer for me :D


Ken said...

Why not Prada?
Char Siew? Siu Yuk? Omg! Alang2 u name it Hot Dog.

Cute dog. Congratz for obtaining 7A's, btw. =)

Anonymous said...

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Nikel Khor said...

i tot gucci bag tim....keke
is a dog..

Nikel Khor

~ Xi@nG~ said...

Damn Misleading lor you topic... said...

haha...same get cheated..thinking u spend few K to buy Gucci...
nanged u. Nang this to read "STOP, please let me DO u....." tq v much

Isaac Wong said...

Why not LV or Prada?

Shuwen said...

haha, cos my sister likes Gucci more XD


oh yea ,Gucci ! love ur dog :) soooooOO cute . i need to rename my name to PRADA . HAHA

Salty Bodice Ripper said...


Its a pup! I thought u were another one of those spoiled brats blogging about their new toys

aaron said...

Almost pranked into scolding yet another brats.

Looks like it's a big understanding lol.

Shuwen said...

Coerlly, your name ald so nice so special, why wanna changeee ? :D
salty, aaron. HAHA ! Even if I HAD a Gucci bag or smth, I won't blog it. That would be like showing off !!

Chili Crab said...

Lol. So, when are you going to have Prada, D&G, Nike, and bla bla bla? Lol.

Himmat Singh said...

dropping by from innit...congrats on 7 A's...and haha Gucci...nice.

The Little Miss said...

*squeals* Soooo kawaii~~ :D
Gucci is indeed a unique name !

Chia Chia said...

nice post~

Shuwen said...

chili crab : tak nak lah, my next dog shall be CHAR SIEW LOL
himmat, the little miss, chia chia : Thanks ! :D

von Yvonne said...

hah my puppy's also named Gucci!!! (named by previous owner), but i didnt change the name in the end.

but mine's a maltese, super naughty @@ just posted the picture on my blog few days ago nia.