Farewell party for Nizam and Nazreen

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Today there was this prize giving ceremony at MPM for those who got full ace for PMR/UPSR and I damn mad lor ! Cos I get 7A, they get 7A, I don't get anything, they get Rm100 :( But nevermind, I can get unlimited scholarship from my mum. hmmph.
So anyway, rumours said this cermony was held for Ping Ping.
Top student of our year, and also best student in Malaysia.
Everytime they tell us, Perak is always at the bottom when it comes to PMR/SPM results and an addition to that, Manjung is always at the bottom of the Perak results.
But now, best student from Perak, Manjung leh ! See what they say.

Sooo, after the ceremony, which I didn't attend *sulks*
We went to Mcd for a farewell party of Nizam's and Nazreen's !
Mcd is like the ultimate tourist attraction of Sitiawan, everyone HAS to go there and it was pretty packed when we were there.
Actually it wasn't pretty at all, so I would say it's ugly packed.

Nizam and Nazreen are leaving for asrama !
At first, I actually thought that asramas are only for Malays cos I only see Malays going to asramas *not being racists* until Syed Naufal told me got Indians and Chinese at some asramas LOL
So practically throughout this whole outing we were camwhoring.
Thats all. so this blog post is as equally boliao as all as the others.
I shall let the pictures do the talking ok ? btw, Im having a bad hair day. fml

Ini ialah Nizam

Childhood friend since 5 weyh !

Rilek lah, lunch time also needa do accounts.

sexeyh people :)

more sexeyh people :D

fml, why i so short ?
Nizam, Nazreen, Me and Azizul.
Nizam and Nazreen are leaving in a few more days and Azizul is leaving in two weeks ?

Farewell speech with mic in disguise.

Eating pictures.

Gross until can die !

People there.

After Mcd, me, Ken followed Chee home.

Chee's mum was kind enough to let us emo camwhore with her sunglasses.
My little cousin just went 'waaaah' over kenny.
wtf -.-


The tennis court beside my house is nearly done.
Wonder who it belongs to. hmm

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