Thursday, January 7

Dear Sony Ericsson K320i

Dear Sony Ericsson K320i, for short, SEK :

2010 is a new year, and I'm sorry but you're getting too old for me.
Your pretty make up is fading.
Your face is all scarred.
You have dust in your internal organs.
But, I must say, you are really an awesome husband.
Thanks for all the patience for letting me drop you every few minutes.
You would get angry by splitting yourself into pieces, but everytime after I heal you with my magic put-together-the-pieces magic, you'll stop being angry with me and love me properly.
Even though you have serious very short term memory, causing me to have problems letting you hear songs,
oh wait, its letting ME hear songs,
but at least you are small and cute.
I must say, I hated your colour. I mean I'm not racists or anything.
I'm not disliking you cos you're black..
well actually I AM disliking you cos you're black but thats not the point. My point is, I would like to thank you for the 2 years working with me.
It was nice working with you and I hope that I don't meet anymore ugly husbands like you anymore. After you found out I had a new husband, we divorced.
My new husband, Nokia 5530 Xpress Music, for short, Mitchell, is a much more gentle, handsome and kind guy. He's white somemore !
and then right, I can touch him without worrying he'll burst into pieces.
But I cannot throw temper at him lor, cos if i throw him I scared he will die.
and he has super long memory cos I can store evvvverything inside.
SEK, see. you should learn more from him.
And right, he does not have any buttons so I need not fear he'll fade away.
SEK, I knew from the start we weren't made for each other.
I just got you cos I can't stand my exboyfriend for being so lousy that it didn't have any face colour ! I'm sorry if I hurt you.
I hope you sleep in peace in that little box of mine.
Oh wait.. where are you again ?

Okay, dowan talk about SEK liao. EVERYONE, meet...




Juhann said...

Mitchell or whatever his name sucks. My dear Aino is better! Bleh!

Deric said...

Welcome to the Nokia Users Club~ =D

Deric said...

"But I must say, you are really an awesome husband"

"I hope that I dont meet any lousy husbands like you anymore"

Am I missing something? :|

Shuwen said...

babi you juhann
deric : Ever heard of sarcasm ?

~Live Life~ said...

How much worth is your new husband? lol!

Yiwen said...

come beat my iphone, by Apple Inc.

Deric said...

Lollllls okay......

Shuwen said...

livelife : its about rm740 LOL I just BOUGHT a husband wtf
Yi : hana hana. Apple CEO very geng liao la.

Juhann said...

iphone isn't that special. Throw it down the drain la. I had the choice of either apple or SE. I still take SE. Don't care what people says, apple ain't that great! Wahahahah! Don't babi me la. The babi is the other fat boy who went to Taiwan with us and ate non stop!

Dao said...

nothing beats Nokia N82!